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grrrr, why did that not work!
Hi there, I am in New Zealand & was wondering if anybody might be able to recommend a supplier in the US for cupcake boxes such as the attached picture - I am wanting to get something hopefully about four inches tall so that I don't ruin tall, decorative tops.Any help would be much appreciated
Tell the woman that hopefully her disappointment is somehow lessened by the fact that the cake was free.And keep the $70 for the topper and stand hire
So if the bottom tier collapsed as she said, but still is holding up the top tier, then how does she explain the big scunge thats been made in the top tiers that they have tried to hide by shifting one of your fondant accents onto?
[quote="gscout73"]And then a year down the track you will get a call saying "not sure what you did to the cake but I am not happy because the anniversary tier seems very starchy..."!
Good grief that woman really does sound thick - I hope she didn't try to imply that any of these issues were due to any fault of yours!I wonder how much styrofoam she consumed before she realised she had thrown out the wrong tier - what a dope!
Another way you could say no is to say that is a family recipe thats been past down through x amount of generations and your mother (?) has sworn you to secrecy and you could never betray her confidence LOL!
Don't me so hard on yourself - you are doing a great job and its a case of having to "walk before you can run". I think you work is great for somebody that has only been doing it as long as you. I have been decorating for about a year and a half (?) and I still have a loooong way to go and am learning all the time. Just try to breath, enjoy what your doing - we are our own worst critics
You should be able to enjoy making his birthday cake - if it causes you stress to bake the cake then I don't think it hurts to just buy one and decorate it. Birthdays are supposedd to be fun - not a total stress-fest so I say whatever makes you happy, go for it!
I would have thought as its your daughter and she isn't paying for the cake (I presume) that because its not being sold you wouldn't have had a problem even making your own licensed figures anyway...???
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