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Finished making a cake, was vanilla cake, did the buttercream crumb coat etc underneath and then covered with fondant. Had the finish looking good when I went to bed but when I got up in the morning it had developed a lot of air bubbles. Any advice on where I have gone wrong & what I could do to prevent this would be much appreciated. Thanks
I would definately tell her to bring the "uneaten" cake back in to you to taste and to have a discussion. I would be on your best, sweetest behaviour so that she cannot in any way say you handled things badly and then she will either chicken out when you call her bluff or say she has thrown it out at which point you say that you can't offer a refund etc without being able to inspect the "offending" goods. Nobody can expect a refund just based on the fact that they tell...
I agree that it looks perfect as is - nothing more required. And I would also love to know about your lettering, the glitter on it is absolutely gorge!
Thanks Yummy! Yikes, hadn't zoomed in on that face before - was just thinking I could possibly pull of the rest of it but the face is a whole other can of worms! Maybe I could make a headless Buzz!!!!
Hey all, my nephew's birthday is on Friday, as the family is heading to Aussie next week they aren't bothering with a birthday party or cake or anything So I thought I would surprise him with a small cake on his birthday. He is a huge Buzz Lightyear fan and I would love recreate the way that Buzz has been done on this cake. Not entirely sure how so would love some help/instructions pretty please! Is it a frozen buttercream transfer??? Help!!!!!
I am self taught - not that I could say thats a good thing, ha ha! Have been doing this since about February this year when I did my little girl's third birthday Dora cake. She loved it - didn't attempt to make the Dora though cos thought it would be a "thats not Dora" moment!Pretty much just look at the amazing experts pictures on here and try my best to make it turn out remotely similar - but still have a long way to go. Learning so much each time I try something and...
That is hilarious - as the photo was opening I was thinking fine, fine, fine and then it got to the bottom of the pic and I was like "ohhhhh"! Intitally thought, typical man and but once somebody says that its all ya can see!
I really like the colours too - not entirely grey looking, although when I started reading the thread when you said that it was grey I actually thought awesome. I agree, white gets so boring!
"Let Them Eat Cake" as said by Marie Antoinette
Hey there everybody - I was wondering if anybody can tell me if and how I can colour buttercream silver? Thanks
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