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I got it!  Better late than never :)
UPDATE: I turned it down. I honestly believe that I made the right decision.  Some things are far more important than money and recognition.  Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations! 
Recently, I've been presented with the biggest and most challenging opportunity of my career.  In less the one month, I've been commissioned to create a cake replica of a local hotel and casino for its one year anniversary party.  My dilemma is this:  I just had a baby less than two weeks ago and the weekend that the cake is due, I will be five weeks post partum.  The baby and I are both doing great, so no real concern there.  I know I would need to start on all the...
Update:  Since this was a cake for my own baby shower, I decided to experiment with flavors that I don't normally get to make.  I kept it refrigerated for several days and it worked out really well.  I used Satin Ice and Fondx and had no problems whatsoever with condensation.  The wafer paper wasn't affected by the temperature change, either. Thanks for your reply.
Hey, guys! I’ve got a lemon/blueberry cake with fresh (frozen) blueberries in both the cake and filling. The filling has a very high sugar content (ABC) and the cake will be coated in white chocolate ganache before being covered in fondant. My question is how long can this be safely left out at room temperature and if it must be refrigerated, will it mess up the fondant on the outside? There will be multiple colors of fondant, edible image icing sheet decorations and also...
What's the story on the ADORE book?  I placed my order months ago and it was set to arrive in February.  Still no book. Wondering if I need to try and get my money back or what.
Make sure that your cake sits out overnight if possible so that it can settle before you freeze it.  If you have a perishable filling, place a sheet pan or cake pan on top of the cake with something heavy on it (make sure it's centered and use a level) for about 30 minutes to an hour before sticking it in the freezer.  I usually use a small cast iron skillet or a 28 oz can of tomatoes, etc.  If you get rid of the air before it gets frozen, you won't have the bulging....
Thanks, everyone!
Thanks!  I've been creeping her Facebook page and she explained that she used a petal tip for a cake similar to this one but I couldn't figure out the squiggle.  Since the photo on Cake Central was posted back in 2012 I figured it would be a long shot to get a reply.  Guess I'll just experiment and see what happens. :) 
Does anyone know which tip was used to get this effect?  Is it a petal tip with a separate round tip to make the squiggles next to the ruffle or is there one tip that can do this?  Any help would be appreciated!
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