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Hi, I am making some figures and haven't been able to get any memory foam to rest my figures on to dry.Is there anything else I can use so that they are ventilated and don't change shape too much?Thanks!!
Thank you soooo much for your replies!!! They really helped. I am planning on attaching him straight to the top of a cake, he is going to be 'playing golf'! I never really though about skewers on his feet , I was going to try to balance or glue his feet - so you saved me! And thanks for the tip, I think I will use tooth picks and skewers too! And do you find much change in shape/denting if you dry figures on their back??
Hi everyone, I want to make a 'man figure' out of gumpaste (or combo of fondant & gumpaste) and I want him to stand up on his legs. Any ideas? Do I just make the legs, use spaghetti and dry his legs/torso/head completely before attaching it altogether?? Thanks for any insight!
Ok Thanks! I will definitely do this and really appreciate your responses!! I am about to make a man figure to make a 'Golf' themed cake for my dad's 60th. I need the little flag to be really d\\stifff - do I just add extra tylose or should I use gumpaste?I see that somepeople use gumpaste, some use 1/2 1/2, and some use fondant with tylose - is it just personal preference?
Thank you! Wow!!!! Those are amazing pictures!!! So talented! I have just made an Elmo, big bird & cookie monster with tylose mixed in but they just were so soft! But I think it may have been because I added the head straight away after I finished making everything. How much Tylose does everyone use? I just can't seem to get them to be dry enough to be strong & stop sagging. The body of Cookie Monster ended up all wrinkly from sagging I put a toothpick through the...
Hi everyone.... Just wondering how many people use gumpaste and how many people choose fondant when making small figures/characters. And how long do you let the pieces sit before attaching it all together??
Thank you so much to everyone's replies. I have used the powder but it doesn't seem to have the real hardening effect, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong - maybe I didn't use enough? I might use the 1/2 gumpaste idea. Thanks!
Thanks for the help ladies.... Sugarandslice: Would you add the powder, knead it in and then let sit overnight, do you mean? I found that even when I sat the 'body' to dry for a while it still changed shape... I thought maybe I need to use more hardener, but I thought I did use a fair bit?? Maybe not enough though! But I didn't let it sit with hardener for very long before moulding it, so maybe that was some of my problem?!I've seen some people say to put it in the...
Hi everyone! I am new to using Fondant icing. Last week I made my son's 1st birthday cake - Sesame Street theme and it did turn out really well. But the hardest part was making the Cookie Monster, Big Bird & Elmo. I did what I thought was right - and I used premade Fondant icing from a Cake decorating shop. However everytime I sat the head on the body it would sag because it was too soft. I used a toothpick for support and it was quite humid when I made them, but it seemed...
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