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 Already have some in the freezer! 
This is just jam filling (homemade). Thanks for the replies!
I made a bunch of jam filling for a large cake and have a lot left over. Is it ok to freeze it?
Thanks! I am noting this on my recipe.
Thanks. I did cut into them and although they were not all exactly he same color, they weren't all splotchy. I tasted the crown that I cut off and they tasted good. I decided to go ahead and use them.Thanks for the input!
Thank you. Looks like I'm rebaking this one. The instructions were specific in the order that you combine everything, but didn't specify how much mixing to do, just "mix". It also said to make a paste from the color and cocoa and add it separately. I will try it your way and see if it looks better. I appreiate you quick response.
 Yes. And to be fair, the last time I used this recipe I didn't have buttermilk, so I did the lemon juice in milk thing. This time I used actual buttermilk.
Can someone tell me what happened here? I baked these cakes from the same batch of batter. The color looked uniform when I put it in the pans, but they came out like this.   I have used this recipe before with no problems. This is supposed to be Red Velvet.  
Thank you so much. I am cooking it down now. I'll,put a plate in the freezer now as well. I'll let you know how it turns out.
 Thank you. Do I just put it back in a pot and cook it down a bit? How do I know how long to cook it? Sorry to be dense, but I am a terrible cook who loves to decorate. 
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