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Rebecca Sutterby's recipe. Aahhhaaa that makes sense. Thanks.
Thanks ladies. I've always had great luck with this recipe. I let it cool down, wrapped in suran wrap, then I sealed it in a ziploc bag which is something I've never done. Guess all the moisture stayed in. Plus it's been rainy and humid here. I ended up tearing the whole thing (after I had torted, filled it and put buttercream - which my buttercream totally dyed the cake GOODNESS!) down as my simple syrup added to the moisture and it was a mess. I placed it out in...
WASC cake. I wrapped and put in ziplock. Last night iced with bc and today I had to tear it down as it is extremely moist. What can I do to try it out? Thanks so much for your response.
I don't know if this has been asked before but can you use this to make diamonds. I have a diamond ring mold that I would like to use and was wondering if I this would work and if I could paint the band? Thanks guys!
Disregard - I added a small amount of heavy whipping cream and that did the trick.
I have the Bavarian Cream made by Dawn and I need to figure out what I can add to it to make it less sweet@ HELP!!! Thanks@
I am having a similar problem. My problem is that the ribbon bulges and does not want to lay against the cake. I had to remove my ribbon on my cake last night because it simply would not stay even. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong??? I am sure the cake is not perfectly round but surely that cannot be the problem?????????
Wow that is beautiful for a first attempt. I love your monogram. How did you do it?
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