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It wasn't easy at all but when I inserted the toothpicks I inserted them at an angle that the wrapped end was pointing towards the 2 ends of the guitar (so outwards, not towards the center). It can't be too tight that the toothpick is then pulled and rips the cake. I then covered the toothpicks. The only other thing would be to use the tiny hole extruder as others are saying with gumpaste (make extra), let it harden for a day or two and try could airbrush them...
I have personally used fish line for the guitar that I did, wrapped around tooth picks at either end. Worked well. However, I have seen strings done with pulled sugar. I have yet to try it but really want to. That's probably the only way that you would have to get them edible, long enough in one piece and stiff enough to be "off the neck". Keep us posted!!
Mine was the Cricut! JUST HHHAAADDD to have it NOW!!! That was June or July when it was launched in Canada and I've used it maybe 4 times. I just don't love it like I thought I would. Maybe one day.
I too was having incredible back, leg and feet pain from being on my feet all day......I don't have any type of mat in my kitchen. I switched my shoes to Birkenstocks and now I can be on my feet 12-18 hours and absolutely no pain anymore.
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