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Just an update to let you know how the mousse mix worked in place of the Dream Whip. They were so good!
Cool, I think I will try it and let you know how it turns out.   Thanks!
I have a cupcake recipe that calls for Dream Whip and I forgot to purchase some. I have Vanilla mousse mix. Can dry mousse mix be used for dream whip in a recipe?   Thanks so much in advance! Kristi
WOW! Awesome list! Thank you!
WOW! Thanks so much for posting.
Thanks anyways! I got rave reviews from my boss today anyways, she said it wasn't too moist. Her and her husband were very happy with it. I guess I just worry too much.
I have made this before and had no complaints, I don't remember it being so moist though. I made it for my boss for her husbands birthday. She comes back to work tomorrow so I will find out what they thought of it.Here is the recipe. I'm just starting out so I usually start with a boxed cake mix and then add to it to change it up a bit. This recipe I found on It's called "Tiramisu Layer Cake".CAKE:1 (18.25 ounce) package moist white cake mix1 teaspoon...
Thank you everyone for your answers and suggestions. I appreciate it so much!What would I do without this website!?
I would think you are right, but the cake looks the same all the way through. Has anyone ever put a cake back into the oven after they have leveled it? But, maybe this is just a super moist cake.
It definitely looks cooked, the toothpick came out totally clean, but when you taste it it just (for a lack of better words) mushes in your mouth.
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