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Yes I've used this recipe many times. It is very good. The chocolate cake recipe is my go to chocolate cake.
Hi everyone!  I was given a request for a butt cake!  I am not sure if it is appropriate to post this here but I have made multiple attempts (PM Jackie, Heath) to locate and get permission to view the naughty cake gallery without success.  So any help on this would be great.  I was thinking of using the wilton ball pans for this.  Thoughts appreciated!
Does anyone know anything about the Pegasus PS460 Airbrush?
Hi everyone!  I am about to take the plunge and buy an airbrush machine.  I am a home baker so I don't need anything to fancy.  I just one that does the job consistently.  I looked on the site for this topic, and most of what I saw was not that recent.  (Sorry for the redundancy if that is not true.  I am having a little trouble navigating this site!)  Anyway, just looking for some recent reviews and advice.   Thanks, gjserf
you could try and use the wilton ball pan for the helmet.
I was just wondering if the price matrix was still relevant as it was posted in 2007. Thank you.
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