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Here is the pic.
Hi there guys,I have my first wedding cake and it is for a friend.. she wants a 3 tier heart cake with petals around the bottom which is seperated with a round cylinder 'post' in the centre. This would easily be 3-4 inches from the outside of the cake so faily narrow and I am concerned about the cakes 'balancing' I am trying to work out how to support it properly, I have to travel a distance so will transport seperately.I'm thinking the cylinder in between will be 3-4...
Hi Guys,I am a new 'decorator' and want to buy some piping tips but cant seem to find at chart anywhere? I kind of know what I need by the 'bigger' or 'smaller' than the one I have but that wont help me much!! Any ideas?
Hi guys, I am a first time cake carver.Does anyone know of any recipes that are fool proof for carving? Prefer chocolate for this particular project but any suggestions I can 'bank' would be appreciated. Also, can you tell me what types of recipes and what characteristics they should and shouldn't have for carving.Thank you so much.
Hi all, thanks for your comments so far. bonjovibabe, that would be awesome if you could send through the instructions!! my email address is (mod edited).That image looks great!. I hadn't thought of doing it a bit more abstract! I was thinking I would put it on a sheet cake with a yellow brick road but maybe a tiered cake as suggested would look a bit more 'designed'. Thanks guys for ideas and advise, keep it coming!!
Hi Guys,I need to make an emerald city cake, structure wise do you think it is best to do individual pillars then join them all together to get the emerald city look or one big carved cake? I am a novice so easiest way thanks!!! Dont have to transport it far but prefer to have it put together before arriving at venue in case it takes a bit of practice?
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