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Thanks I bought some of that and also a Koolaid drink mix packet, but ended up using the Koolaid. Thanks!
I'm thinking of trying a blue raspberry cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday but I can't find a recipe anywhere! I am thinking I could just add blue raspberry flavoring to a white cake, i.e. jello mix or koolaid drink mix--just not sure how it will turn out. Has anyone else tried this? BTW, I am going to make a lollipop themed cake and blue raspberry is her favorite flavor so I thought it would be fun to try something new.
Just a little bit of water brushed on the back works well
Yes, I recommend "The Mat" from Sweetwise as well. Fondant is rolled out between the two layers, the fondant stays on the mat and can be repositioned until you are ready to release it and it is foodsafe
When making my marshmallow fondant, I have had two instances where when I have bought the Great Value brand of powdered sugar from Walmart, it ended up tasting bad. Even from the moment I poured it in the bowl of marshmallows, I could tell something was different. Instead of a sweet smell, it had a kind of musty smell and when I tasted some it was horrible! Needless to say, i will not be buying THAT kind anymore. Just wondering if anyone else has had that problem....
I am doing it from my home, so my husband "pays the rent" thank you very much. I was just asking how to price cakes. Maybe if I could rent a commercial kitchen somewhere then I would be able to advertise and have a small business, but for now, it's more of a hobby.
As far as the "business" aspect, I have already talked to the Dept. of Agriculture here in TN and they said as long as I don't advertise and only do a couple cakes a week I am not considered a business. Thank you for all of your input
Can anyone tell me what you think my cakes are worth?? I am not a business, just doing it as a hobby for friends/family/friends of friends and I am a little confused on how to price each cake. I could price each by an hourly basis, but if someone wants to know the cost up front, I would have no idea. Then I thought about charging $2/serving for buttercream and $3/serving for fondant, but it just seems like a lot--for my budget anyway--being a SAHM Then I have other...
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