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Hi everyone,I have searched everywhere but could not find a tutorial on how to make one. Do I use rkt? Just mold it out of fondant? Gumpaste? Help! Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
Thanks so much for all the responses! Now, I just have to decide between satin ice and fondarific! Need more inputs.Thanks!
Is the satin ice yummy?
Hi everyone,I am making a ninjago cake for my son's bday. A lot of red will be used. Should I just buy colored ones? Like the elite fondx. Or fondarrific. Or should I buy a white one and color it? I heard that carma massa Ticino is yummy. Thanks everyone!
Thank you for all your replies!I just have a few more questions though:1. What should i use for the edge of the racket (the raised part, is that fondant? or was it carved out?2. What should I use to make the string?Thank you so much for all the inputs. You guys have been really very helpful!
cakeyouverymuch, thanks for the link. If I will be doing a single layer, do I do 3"? and what size baking sheet did you use?
Thank you for the fast reply!!kiddikakes, did you use a sheet pan? what size? This is only my 3rd cake and I am a little worried. Thanks so much!icer101, thanks for the link!
Hi everyone! I need to make a tennis racket cake for a friend's 40th birthday. I have been searching online for instruction but unfortunately I could not find one! I hope someone can help with this. Instructions / tutorial would be a BIG help! btw, I also need to make a ball with it. Thank you so much everyone for the help!
Thanks so much!! I might just stick with the creamer to be on the safer side! thanks so much!! I am excited to make this cake! I hope it turns out as nice as yours!
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