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So to begin with, I have my very 1st Wedding cake to deliver today. its 4 tiers high, fondant, has snowflakes sticking out all over it. Ok, if having to make and deliver was not enough. I woke up to 5 inches of snow and it is NOT letting up. I have stairs to walk down, outside.I have to come up with something to cover the cake so there is not water spots on the cake. I really wanted to deliver already assembled, I dont want people to see me show up with an unfinished cake...
I only use MMF and add Tylose powder, never cracks and is sooo smooth. I will not use anything else for characters. I will only use gumpaste for flowers.
Did I miss the pictures? I would LOVE to see it
I dont really have any ideas for help but I do understand the frustration you feel. I attempted to do a Topsy turvy 3 times for I even finished one. My 1st one I wanted to make the tiers small and use the 1 inch difference instruction like you (ex. bake a 4 5 6, 6 7 8, 8 9 10) HATE the HUGE angle it turned out with, wasnt able to cover with fondant without puckers and got so frustrated, threw it away! Next, baked 3 6in, 3 8in and 3 10in. GREAT angle after carving and...
There is a you tube video, by a women named Mayen. She walks you through STEP BY STEP, it is perfect. she does a cookie monster, Elmo and Big Bird. If you look in my photos, I have a cake done for my daughters 2nd birthday and did all 3 characters for it out of gumpaste. The tutorial is AWESOME!!! Check it out. Just type in "How to make a Gumpaste Cookie Monster Cake Topper" into the you tube search bar and it will come up with a 2 part tutorial. Good Luck
O my GOODNESS, I am laughing so hard at all the stories you ladies have posted. This post is just what I needed today, Thank you. The image of you in hair net and batter on your glasses is priceless, Im sure you looked professional and cute all at the same time. I once went to the store to pick up some more Marshmallows and when I got home my husband asked me if I knew I had hand prints on my butt, lol. my2 yr old daughter comes up to me and hits my butt and says "momma I...
WOW! Your hand painting the logo on the purse is AMAZING!!! Great Job, especially for your 1st purse cake, very impressive!
Thank you daltonam and indydebi for you replies. I am totally going to take your advice. I now have a few ideas to work with You are really great to respond to quick and help a fellow cake lady out This was my 1st forum post and am pleased and surprised how helpful you were. Thanks again
Just wondering if its just the recipe Iv used or is it suppose to be like that. I use a recipe with Cocoa and it seems like it does not act like vanilla BC. It is kind of dry and when I get to covering the cake with fondant it has dried out and the fondant doesn't want to stick. Is there recipes with melted chocolate instead of cocoa and if so does it do the same? Thanks for any advice provided
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