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Maybe you could do just 1 tier topsy turvy. I think they still look really neat. there is an album in the gallery for whimsical photos, maybe look through them to gather some ideas. Then you could add girls colors and some baby BLOCKS with the name or something. Just a place to start
I started one year ago this month, i was 29, now 30. Like many, to make birthday cakes for my kids (2 girls almost 2 and 3 years old) so I have MANY more to make. But many saw pics of my cakes and I have been lucky enough to make them all year long I LOVE my new hobby, but dang it is a expensive hobby, lol.
I am new to the henry and henry raspberry filling. I want to use both a raspberry buttercream AND the henry and henry filling. Would you put a thin layer of BOTH in between each layer or would you alternate between layers? I also have another question. When I go to make the buttercream, would you use the raspberry oil flavoring or would you use the icing fruits? I have both and have NEVER use any of this yet!!! PLEASE HELP
would you use cake flour in the WASC recipe? I read that it may make it more crumbly, so could you still shape the cake, like a diaper bag? and if so how much do you use if the recipe calls for 2 cups All purpose? thanks
I would do some great cake, flat or stacked and then do the O logo out of rice crispy treats and decorate from there. and if you know how to use electronics you could make it spin not sure about how to support it, just another idea.
Thank you all so much for all the information. I have a lot to think about and a lot of experimenting to do before next week thanks again to ALL!
I am fairly new to making cakes, 1 year now. I feel I have buttercream and ganache down. However I just got a request for a white cake and they DO NOT want chocolate. They are open to buttercream but would rather have raspberry filling. I am thinking you have to refrigerate raspberry filling and I am making a diaper bag, with fondant and can not be refrigerated. Is there some REALLY yummy filling out there I don't know about. I need some filling ideas for raspberry flavor...
So I thought I read some were once that one of the big shot cakerys made there very sharp corners by using ganache "under" there fondant. Has anyone done this? did you make the ganache like icing and use a spatula to put it on? does it harden like a shell and then do you use water to make it sticky and put the fondant on it after? I am lost, these are all just thoughts. If anyone knows about this or has any tricks I would love to hear them. I have NEVER made or used...
Yep, me too!
Everything turned out GREAT! Made it safe and sound. put the cake in the hatchback trunk "FULLY ASSEMBLED" and decorated. I used the Cake Stackers support system, pretty Awesome support. Happy it is OVER! Thank you for all the replies and support.
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