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Has anyone ever done this? I have a wedding cake and cupcakes. She wants 1/2 chocolate with choc. ganache and the other 1/2 white cake with raspberry. I have added icing fruits to buttercream and it was yummy. wondering now if you could add it to white chocolate ganache for the filling and topping the cupcakes? anyone have ANY information on this? Thanks
I have thought about the same thing, northern nevada here as well. I will be watching this post!
Hear is mine
Same thought here, maybe it's too dry or it's rolled to thin. Not sure but I have never had this problem.
Hello everyone this friday night I am working on a cake for monday. a women wanted a Basque symbol cake. Which I thought was a fairly easy request. But one thing I have found that I have thought is quite strange is that I can not find "ONE" picture of a cake with a Basque cross on it. Dont know why, just thought I would find some ideas but NOPE. any thoughts
Im Making a 3D Elmo out of PVC pipe, he will be "standing" on 1 foot on top of 2 tiers. I already have the pipe made and shaped the body out of RKT's. My question is, do I need to cover the the RKT with ganache or fondant to help keep it together "BEFORE" piping the Royal Icing fur on it? I woke up this morning and noticed the head was starting to split right in the middle, were there is no support under the bottom part of the head. Just not sure if adding a Lot more...
Great idea
The way i do it is, add up ALL the cost that comes out of my pocket, ingredients for all cake, icing, fondant, support, board, ribbon ect. and some include pans and oven fees (i dont). then I estimate how many hours it takes me to make that cake and set a wage (5-10$ an hour). that is the quote i give. so that way it will include difficulty as well. hope that helps. Be forewarned, many will tell you that you are not aloud to sell cakes that you are making in your home...
to be honest I am not sure, I though I read to leave it out on the counter over night and not put it in the fridge after covered in ganache. I am interested in hearing others advice as well. but if I had to guess, I would think wait tell room temp to avoid the condensation issues. Like I said I have no experience with this, I still will not even put my completed fondant cakes in the fridge. Im way to scared to ruin it.
I just got some samples from them and have not used them yet, but I did just make a raspberry filled cake that had to be let out of the fridge. I used the the Raspberry icing frits added to buttercream (OMG yummy!) and the henry and henry Raspberry sleeve filling. put a thin layer of both between each layer and torte'd layer. This cake was soooo yummy and EVERYONE raved about how good it tasted.
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