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I don't know if I"m putting pressure on the wrong part of my bag, but when ever I have a lot of piping to do, I get horrible hand cramps. Is this normal? If not, how can I avoid it? Is my buttercream still to thick? I added so more much liquid than the recipe(s) recommend and still am getting hand cramps. Ouch!
Saving because this is a good thread!
I keep getting air bubbles under fondant covered cakes!!! Without fail! The last cake was even dark chocolate ganache iced, and then covered in fondant and I still got air bubbles! I don't know why! I can have a great-looking smooth fondant cake and then the next morning I will go look at my cake in the fridge, and whaddyaknow, a big bubble or two have formed in random spots! Help!
When someone wants/orders a sheetcake, do they typically think of it as a single or a 2-layer cake? I am newer to cake decorating and sheetcakes are not my specialty. I prefer the more 3-D and fondant decorated cakes. So, when I have someone wanting a sheet cake, I never know if I should figure it is one or 2-layer. A "typical" sheetcake is one layer or 2?
I have a ton of white MMF leftover from my last wedding cake, and I want to make my mom a special birthday cake this weekend. I want to practice my square cakes, using chocolate ganache as my icing and cover in the fondant. However, I really want to use my leftover fondant but turn it into chocolate or at least brown. What is the best way to do this? It will be a 2 layer 8" square, sour cream chocolate cake, filled with raspberries, iced in chocolate ganache. I hate...
Yes, although I was hoping to find a way w/ Buttercream
Some might have seen my other post regarding my wedding cake yesterday. I don't know how square/sharp you can really get with fondant, but I find when the cake starts coming to room temperature as the buttercream softens, my edges soften. How can I avoid this? Am I using too much BC under the fondant?
I think this sums it up - they may have been expecting a little more - perfectly sharp edges, etc, but they were obviously wanting the cheaper price of what I was charging - not the bakery price they would have been charged.
Mostly price based on level of expertise.
I made this cake for a wedding yesterday. I am a fairly new cake designer, and still learning a lot. I realize I don't have all of my techniques mastered yet, and so I am charging between $2.00 and $2.50 a serving. The bride and MOB came for two consults and the bride changed her design twice in the course of a year. There were some "lumps" in various areas that the MOB pointed out and a few other minor details. So of course I got down on myself thinking I should have...
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