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I agree! Jennifer is such a sweet person. She helped me with my very first wedding cake. She was so helpful and I really like her DVD's. I have used many of her tips and have enjoyed the results. I haven't had many cakes to cover in fondant yet. The few I've had had great feedback. However, the chocolate pearls have been a big hit and have been requested on several cakes!
I was so stressed reading the beginning of the post. Thanks for the chuckle at the end MamaDear. I have to keep that in mind for the future.
I agree. Sharon's DVD's are great! I have several and refer to them often. She is great. She is always willing to help.
I agree with letting it set. I put a dam around the edge, press. Fill, put on next layer, press. Wrap in plastic and let set over night or several hours before I ice them. So far, (knock on wood) we haven't had a problem.
I have that mold. The freezer works best. Then you don't have to worry about getting the sugar off of the baby and out of the mold. You don't have to leave it in very long either. Just a few minutes. Now, having said that, I put mine in the "quick freeze" section of my freezer.
I was thinking about the posts last night while I was mowing. Could it be that the margarine isn't holding up? Many people use butter in their recipes. I know that when I make cookies, I use real butter so they don't spread. Just a thought. I don't know about the salt. The kosher salt that I use when I can pickles and salsa is course too. I've never put salt in a grinder. I grind my pepper and it is fairly course when it comes out.
I have never looked for lactose free margarine. I am blessed that we don't have food allergies in the family. That could be rough. I've heard some scary stories about peanut butter allergies too.
Crisco tasted "greasy" to me. I don't know about tenderflake. Is it trans fat free? Can you get a small can of it to try? That's what I've had to do. I've tried all butter, butter/crisco, all crisco and all sweetex. The last one is what works best for me. Also, you have to take into consideration the climate around here. We have high humidity and right now lots of rain. Soon to be HOT. Right now it is 90 degrees! Last week it was 52! So far it has been great. ...
When I used Crisco to have a pure white icing one time, I thought the same thing. I don't know if that is because it was transfat free or if it is just the way it is. It was also a but "grainy" to me. With this, I don't have the greasy taste or the grainy feeling. However, you can see the grease stains in the paper or the drums that I use. I got that with butter too. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with butter. Wouldn't use anything else in my cookies!
I purchase mine at Wal-mart. I have seen it at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I don't know if you have those in Canada though. I have also seen it online. However, I usually have to purchase it "locally" because I forget to order it in quantity.
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