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The food law that I go by is the same way. I can bake from my kitchen without a lic. or insp. I have to inform every potential customer of this. I am not allowed to use icing that contains egg, (even cooked) cream cheese or whipped cream. They look at the water/sugar ratios as well. I never do anything new without passing it by them (in writing to cover myself) because I don't want to do something questionable with them. That is why I'm still on the fence about...
Sparklecat6: That song! Now it is stuck in my head too! Ugh! Thanks for the laugh and the link. LOVED the poem!OP, good job dodging the bullet.
You are correct Unlimited! My mistake! Thank you!
BRP lets you order smaller quantities on some boxes. Also Bake a Box sells different sizes in smaller quantities. Of course, the more you buy, the price per box drops. I have also purchased regular/plain white from Continental Paper but I don't know if that is just for this area. BTW, the Bake a Box boxes for tiered cakes are AWESOME! I can't wait for them to the the 14's back up and running!
It happened to me a couple of weeks ago too. It too was a 3 tier only for a 6 year old. My saving graces was that I didn't even bake it. I was more worried that the little girl wasn't going to get the "special" cake. She did. I was going to leave her a not so nice message on her FB page. When I pulled it up, I saw her daughters birthday pics! I saw the cake and thought "awe, she must have attempted to make her daughter one herself. So sweet. She must not have had...
That's still on my wish list.....
I quit trying to make fondant too. I use Ice & Easy. It tastes very good, is easy to work with and isn't bad in the pricing area. I can order it in 1#, 5# or 15#'s. White, ivory or chocolate. 4# in red and black. I usually keep several 5# bags on hand. I like those better than the 15# buckets! I have not tried to use it with Jennifer's chocolate fondant recipe yet. That recipe works and tastes great too!
I was looking into this technique as well and came across this post. Did anyone send you any info on this? How did you do it?
Wow! Where do you live? I rarely buy DH, but I don't think that it is over (or much over 2.00 here). I don't know where to buy it in bulk though. Maybe Amazon? They have always been higher here than a grocery store.
Several cake recipes that I have tried has jello in it (lime, strawberry, orange, etc) What about trying the blue jello. I think it is berry blue or blue raspberry. Something like that. I have also taken white cake and added food color to it to change colors and not the flavor.
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