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That's a great idea! Haha his birthday is in September, so I'll have a full year to work on it. No one would believe me that this could be done with a cake. Thank you so much for all of your help!
Thanks y'all. I tried three hobby shops and they all said they couldn't help I laughed about marrying an engineer- my brother is an electrical engineer and said "go buy a motor." Not helpful, haha! My dad does model trains obsessively and didn't know how to achieve what I wanted. So I was 0 for 5 on "experts." I think they get thrown off when I explain it is for a cake. I did see a "beginner" tutorial online for a robot that reverses directions automatically when it hits...
Okay, thank you so much! Do you think I'd be able to find that at a hobby store? They were closed today but I was going to go by there tomorrow. I just have to have it for Friday night, so eBay really isn't feasible, unfortunately. RadioShack doesn't sell them, but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks again!
I need some help! I'm making a cake for my friend's rehearsal dinner- they wanted something "New Orleans" so I'm doing the New Orleans streetcar. I have the mini lights that I'm going to use as the headlight in front and in the street lamps, but I would LOVE if I could make it move back and forth. All the motorized cake posts I have found have been rotating- I just want forward and reverse in a straight line. The streetcar is made of RKTs and will probably weigh about 1 lb...
When I try to carve, I grind up the Rice Krispies until they're almost powdery. It helped me A LOT!
Really? Mildly freaking out; when I worked for my University, one of my professors said we didn't even have to fill out our taxes if it was under a certain amount for dependents and a certain amount for independents. I didn't fill out my taxes for two years. The first year I got a call stating that actually I was over the threshold for dependents and would have to file, so I did, late. The next time, I'd worked for a couple months and was well under both thresholds,...
I totally agree indydebi. When I was looking for an apartment last year, I didn't even bother with the ones that didn't list their prices on their website. I'm not sure if it's because I automatically assumed they would be out of my price range or if I was just annoyed they were making me go through the extra hassle, but I definitely did not plan on calling them.
My thoughts exactly... I remember as a kid when making cookies, my dad would throw in two extra teaspoons and said, "There is no such thing as too much- we love vanilla!"
I wanted to try melted buttercream to dip my cupcakes in. I microwaved the buttercream for a few seconds while it was still a darkish gray and it really intensified the black.
Cupcakes cook a lot quicker! I used the double layer chocolate cake recipe from Epicurious and it says to bake the cakes for an hour, I think... when I made cupcakes our of the recipe they were done in 22 minutes on the same temperature. But they were amazing (and usually I don't like chocolate cake).
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