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luvmysmoother - ah the cookie sheet, yes I had nothing else around to put it on lol. Thank you all for the comments.
Thank you Cristi. Downloading right now!
Susan, thank you sooo much, your cakes are beautiful!!!!! Compliments from you make me feel wonderful!!!
Thank you and Thanks for the link, that might just help.
Thank you so much! Honestly before the Mario cake the only cakes I have ever made were a box mix and tub of icing lol. I have watched the cake shows for a long time thinking I would love to try it, but always figured there was no way some one like myself could do it.I had so much fun with fondant. Waiting for the next occasion so I can try again. I dont think the piping and butter cream are for me. I have tried using the bag but end up with a mess. I want to go and take...
I have been a member and reading so much in the last two weeks my eyes are tired! I just wanted to say thank you, you ALL are so wonderful and so full of knowledge. I love the fact that you are willing to help everyone out. Most people will not give any advice out of fear I guess that someone could do it better than they can. I have never taken a class and did my first cake at the end of January for my son's b-day. All of the reading and help you all put out there is sooo...
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