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What size were the tiers? If they were large, 5 dowels in each tier, (especially the bottom tiers) does not seem enough to support such a large cake.I use 5 dowels under and 8" cake. I'm assuming the bottom tiers were larger than that.
Here is a thread that I found for you:
I don't want to burst your bubble but fondant on top of cream cheese may be a disaster in the waiting. In my personal experience, the fondant started to melt and slide right off the cake. Reseach this site for the posts and you will see that it has happened to many many many of us!
Yes I've done this before and it works great!
I never trim. If I feel the edges are too crisp, I wrap the cake in Plastic wrap 10 minutes after it is out of the oven. The cake will "steam" in the plastic and after a few hours or overnight, the edges will be soft. Plus the steam boosts the moisture in the cake itself.
Gracias to you both!!
I would just make a gumpaste or fondant plaque. Then I would use clear tape and cover the back of the printed image and stick that on the plaque with buttercream or piping gel. The clear tape would serve as a barrier so the image won't get greasy or spotty from the BC or gel. Obviously you would tell your customer that this is not edible and to remove the whole plaque before serving the cake..
For me, the Cricut Cake was a complete waste of money and time trying to figure it out. I got it when it just came out too. Paid almost $400. UGH!
The cake was due for NEXT Tuesday! It is a French Vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling. The filling was made of Pastry Pride, powdered sugar and crushed oreos. Its all put together and frosted with Pastry Pride. Can I Freeze it till Monday??
Here is a tutorial on how to get BC smooth using a paint roller   and here is one where you use a Viva paper towel to smooth BC
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