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Parece que las tiendas de Smart & Final solamente hay en California. Puedes ir a Sams club o Costco y pedir una cubeta de whipped topping en la repostreria. No se que marca venden pero es muy parecida a Rich's o Bettercream. Yo vivo en California y uso Pastry Pride en todos mis pasteles. Una ves trate de usar el Cool Whip pero se derritio. Suerte!
Thanks K8memphis, you rock!
WhaWhaWhat??? Fondant+cornstarch = crispy?? I've never known this. K8memphis, whats the ratio of fondant to cornstarch?
Yes! That's how I did it. Just make sure the dowels are actually placed inside the 6" cake and not in between the cake and styro dummy. I know that is just a drawing, but just trying to clarify.
CWR41 is correct. That is exacrly how I doweled this cake. a styrofoam dummy in the hollow center will add so much more stability    
Really! I always thought the "rule of thumb" was use as many dowels as the are inches in the cake that will sit on them. I don't use That many but if I am setting a 12" on top of a 14" I will use more than 5. At least 10 dowels. I use pvc  for dowels, not wood. I am too paranoid to use the bubble tea straws!
What size were the tiers? If they were large, 5 dowels in each tier, (especially the bottom tiers) does not seem enough to support such a large cake.I use 5 dowels under and 8" cake. I'm assuming the bottom tiers were larger than that.
Here is a thread that I found for you:
I don't want to burst your bubble but fondant on top of cream cheese may be a disaster in the waiting. In my personal experience, the fondant started to melt and slide right off the cake. Reseach this site for the posts and you will see that it has happened to many many many of us!
Yes I've done this before and it works great!
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