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Did you use a flower nail in your cake? I don't bake anything over 12" without a nail in the center. I also use mixes and also add sour cream and pudding. Never have a problem with the cake collapsing in the center. Hope that helps!
I have baked up to 4 cakes at once. Whatever fits is what I do. Just stagger and rotate them like peg818 said and check on them frequently. The baking time will be affected.
Whoops iluvpeeks you beat me to the punch! I have a cookie that I got as a party favor that I'm saving in the freezer. It has writing from an edible marker and it looks fine. I'm not sure if it would smear or run if it were to defrost.
Now that I think about it, re-pressing might not work. The cookie most likely expanded a bit while baking and adding thickness from the fondant or royal or glace, the cutter would no longer fit.
I tried the carrot today. I added the baby food as someone suggested. It was moist, but I didn't like the color. It looked and tasted like a spice cake. It was good, but I still like my scratch recipe better.
I use A little bit of ivory an even less of copper.
If you have an airbrush, I think it's less expensive to buy the Pearl Sheen Airbrush colors from Americolor. Less than $10 for 4.5 ounces.
I will attempt to make a RKT Elmo for the 1st time. Since I have never worked with RKT, I'd like to know if homemade or ready made is easier to work with? TIA!
I love doing them. I've found that if you use the cheaper store brand tub frosting (I use Vons) for the outline, it peels of cleaner. I tried with Duncan Hines and some of it stuck to the waxed paper when I lifted it. I've also done them on parchment paper although it's not as transparent as waxed paper.
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