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If you have an airbrush, I think it's less expensive to buy the Pearl Sheen Airbrush colors from Americolor. Less than $10 for 4.5 ounces.
I will attempt to make a RKT Elmo for the 1st time. Since I have never worked with RKT, I'd like to know if homemade or ready made is easier to work with? TIA!
I love doing them. I've found that if you use the cheaper store brand tub frosting (I use Vons) for the outline, it peels of cleaner. I tried with Duncan Hines and some of it stuck to the waxed paper when I lifted it. I've also done them on parchment paper although it's not as transparent as waxed paper.
Hmm...that post sure has alot of pages! I've never used Bettercreme but I'm sure it's almost the same as Pastry Pride. I know it's more expensive than PP, and if you choose to flavor it, I doubt there would be much of a difference. I'm going to buy some Bettercreme and check it out.
Good for you, patticakesnc. Question: do you ask for the castle back or does the customer get to keep it?
WoW! $285 plus shipping is still quite high in my book!
No Kidding! And it says it's made of STYROFOAM!!!! is the link where you can purchase this. It's actually several pieces from different sets.
I frost all my cake with PP. I've used it with buttercream accents and also put frozen buttercream transfers on it with no problems at all. I've heard that if you put fondant pieces on it they will melt. Never tried it though. I've use gumpaste decorations on PP but the gumpaste was completely dry before placing on the PP. You can refridgerate it for 24 hrs but I would make sure it was covered. PP tends to get a "stale" crust on it. I have refridgerated uncovered cakes for...
I bake it at 350 for 35-40 minutes. Like Indy said, when I smell it. it's done!
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