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This^^If you bought a 50lb bag of mix, you would most likely have lots left over.
On another note, you can get the same results by stacking and filing your cake in the same pan you baked it in. Put a parchment circle on the bottom of the pan. after stacking and filing, freeze it for a few hours. Then unmold by running a sharp knife around the edge and turn onto your cake circle. You will get the same results.
Nice job!
If you are going to make just 1 color, it's easier to add the color to the corn syrup and mix it and then mix with the bark. It's easier than kneading the color in after the clay has set.
I would check the freshness of your baking powder and the temp of your oven.
Yes St Francis of Assisi, thanks shanter!   Annabakescakes, that the best reason I could think of! Thanks
Thank you Annabakescakes, that makes perfect sense.
May I ask why you would turn the box on it's side? If you put enough tape on the bottom, the cake is not about to fall out.
Honestly, I think this is a dumb idea. And I also think the OP is pulling our legs.
Margaret393 and K8memphis-thanks! That's just the push I needed, my mind is racing with different ideas!
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