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If you are going to make just 1 color, it's easier to add the color to the corn syrup and mix it and then mix with the bark. It's easier than kneading the color in after the clay has set.
I would check the freshness of your baking powder and the temp of your oven.
Yes St Francis of Assisi, thanks shanter!   Annabakescakes, that the best reason I could think of! Thanks
Thank you Annabakescakes, that makes perfect sense.
May I ask why you would turn the box on it's side? If you put enough tape on the bottom, the cake is not about to fall out.
Honestly, I think this is a dumb idea. And I also think the OP is pulling our legs.
Margaret393 and K8memphis-thanks! That's just the push I needed, my mind is racing with different ideas!
Thanks K8 I know, I just thought there might be a recipe out there with some thing different added, you know, some pizzaz! lol! I already dried out the scraps and they are ready to go. I remember hearing about one with a whiskey sauce. ok, off I go into the world of googling!!
I have a lot of trimmings in my freezer and I do not want to make cake pops. I was thinking maybe cubing the trimmings, toasting them and....then I'm stuck. I want to make bread pudding. Anybody have a yummy recipe??
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