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I also use the disposable bags. It's such a hassle to wash the fabric ones. Good Luck!
Whatever you do, DO NOT make your roll from straight cake mix! I tried this several times and each time it broke while rolling and unrolling it. Maybe the recipe icer101 recommended will work since it is doctored. Good Luck!
Blakescakes Red velvet redux is my go to recipe for red velvet cake. It's dense, moist and delish! My mom had never had rred velvet so when she tasted this one she got hooked!
Ditto on the white chocolate!
I used indydebi's buttercream on parchment paper. It never sticks if I freeze it for a minimum of 1 hour. I tried it on waxed paper once, and it stuck.
Try using Pastry Pride. It's already stabilized. I use it on ALL my cakes and I've never had a problem with it. Good Luck!
I added a picture in my gallery if you're interested in the Lazy Susan decorating wheel!
Today I came upon this gem purely by accident. I have to decorate 120 wedding cake cut out cookies so I was sitting at the table decorating them while my DH was putting the blank ones in front of me and taking the finished ones away so I wouldn't have to keep getting up. Well he said to try putting them on the lazy susan and turn it as as I decorate them. It works great, I put a bowl of the pearls I was using in the center. You could also use your turntable too and this...
If that's even a word! I bought powdered color flow mix, the kind you just mix with water. It came out sort of fluffy, like marshmellow cream. It outlined great, and I've done my color flow. Is it supposed to be fluffy? Not too many air bubbles came up on the flooded cookies. My main concern is, will it dry by friday night so I can put the cookies in cellophane bags? I'm starting to worry!
You see?? This is why I LOVE this site! I didn't know this tip. Thanks bobwonderbuns and everyone else for the tips!
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