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Can this be done? I don't work too much with gumpaste but I have already cut out some flowers and are drying as we speak/type. Once dry, can they be painted without the gumpaste becoming soggy?
Ooops, it's called Pastry Pride, not Pilgrims Pride. That's probably why you couldn't find it luvbuttercream. I use it all the time. I but it at Smart & Final in California.
Oooops, I guess it's not allowed to post other companies names. PM me and I will tell you if you are still interested.
I found a couple of places where you can order them but they are pretty expensive. But they are beautiful. Look up cinderella fantasy dot com. Also there's another website called a lil tlz dot com where they can be purchased. Sugar Craft has small acrylic ones too.
I have read on this site that the sugar in the cream cheese frosting "stabilizes" it. I can say from personal experience, I have done red velvet cake & cupcakes and they've sat out for hours with no problem. I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Thanksgiving and they sat out for about 6 hours. My family ate them up with no problems or complaints. I use the Decorator Ceam Cheese frosting recipe from this site, it's yummy! HTH!
I don't know where you are located, but if you google Cinderella Cake stand rental, you will get some sites where you can rent them. Maybe one will be near you. Hope that helps!
My cake supply store rents it out. It's in Norco, CA. You may want to try asking around supply stores in your area.
I haven't tried this one yet but have been thinking about it because I have to do it on a cake this weekend. When using wires on cakes, first put hot glue on the wire end and stick it into a coffee stirer. Then you can stick the stirrer into the cake and the wire will stay put and not move around.
Baskin Robbins' ice cream uses softened vanilla ice cream to frost their ice cream cakes.
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