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You can get one for under $40 at e f a v o r . c o m no spaces. I got mine there a few years ago and it works great! I actually have a couple of pics in my photos if you're interested. Not my favorite accessory either but since the fountain was so inexpensive, I decided to do the cakes as requested.
If the label isn't too detailed, you could try to trace it on to rice paper or wafer paper. Use non toxic markers. I did this on a Corona bottle cake in my photos. On the Patron bottle cakes I just printed one from the web on regular paper and placed it on top, just like suzied said.
There is a spray you can use, I think it's called edible varnish. Maybe you can Google it? I've never tried it but I've seen threads on this site. Good Luck!
Ah el famoso chocoflan! Es facilisimo hacer lo. Yo lo hago asi: preparo el molde como normal y le pongo cajeta al molde solo en la parte de abajo. Luego preparo mi receta de pastel de chocolate o moka y lo pongo en el molde encima de la cajeta. Luego preparo mi receta de flan y despacito se lo pongo encima del pastel. Lo horneo a 325 for 1 hora. Lo dejas reposar 1 hora y despues lo metes al refri por lo menos 5 horas. Yo lo dejo toda la noche. Luego lo volteas como...
Maybe I misunderstood the OP's question. Of course whipped topping will work as a filling, I use it all the time. I thought she was asking if it could be used under the fondant. In that case no, it cannot.
Whipped topping under fondant will not work. The whipped topping breaks down the fondant and makes it a sticky gooey mess!
Bettercreme is a non dairy whipped topping. Its just like Pastry Pride, which is what I use. It comes frozen, you thaw and whip it up. And yes, it does suck up the color as chaptlps said. When I airbrush on Pastry Pride, I make sure the cake has been refridgerated overnite and I airbrush a bit darker then I want and I have no problems with it.
I'm with Kitagirl. Maybe it was dry to begin with?
Meh, whats the big deal? I could whip that up in a weekend.....NOT!Awesome cake!
Thanks everyone. I just tried the vodka painting method but I'm confused. They came out very stripey. The color is blotchy and uneven. Maybe the mix is too watery? Is it supposed to be more like a paste? I'm going to try the steaming method right now.
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