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Anyone out there Helloooooo!!
Sheesh! Too rich for my blood! Glad I don't make alot og cake balls.
So is it going to be more expensive after April 8th? I think it's a bit pricy now.
Mommynana & Sebrina, after you write your post and click submit, a new screen opens up which says Your message has been entered successfully.Click Here to view your messageClick on the highlighted "here" and it will take you to your post, where you can click "watch this topic for replies". That works for me. Hope it works for you too!
Just my opinion...why why why would you not cover your cardboard circles on an otherwise beautiful cake? It kills me to see the corrugated edge of the board. So much effort has been used to make a lovely cake, only to be ruined by that unsightly cardboard! Like I said, just my opinion!
I saw a Cake ball maker called BabyCakes that makes cake balls without mixing in the frosting. They are all cake. It looks like a waffle maker and is pretty inexpensive about $25-$30, I saw it at Macy's but if you google BabyCakes you can see it on their website. I don't know of any recipes that you don't add frosting to the crumbled cake. The frosting is what makes them "gummy". I hope this helps you
I like the recipe I use but it's not stiff enough and the more sugar I add the more "glue like" it gets. Anyone have a stiff and delicious recipe out there??This is the one I use:16 oz cream cheese4 cups powdered sugar1-2 tsp clear vanillaThanks so much!
Interesting. I had no idea they offered fruit mixes. Conchita, what are the flavors? I'm gonna definitely watch this topic for replies!
imaginethatnj, I saw the Babycake one at Macy's but I'm sorry I don't recall the cost.
Get out of town!!!! I have been cutting my foam board circles with a box cutter then trimming with scissors because the box cutter does a crappy job...or maybe it's me doing a crappy job! Anyway, I just asked my hubby if he's ever heard of this tool and he said "sure". I want to knock him upside his head! He's the one who helps me trim the boards. I can't believe he didn't think to use this tool. I'm heading to Lowes tomorrow morning! Thanks for posting!
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