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I use clear packing tape on the back of my ribbon. Works every time!
I just bought premade fondant from my supply store and it says it will keep for 10 months!
Geneseo, I don't know. I haven't had a chance to make it yet. But if you make it, please post your results!
Forget adding all that black coloring!! I buy the cheap store brand darkest chocolate frosting in a tub (like Betty Crocker) from the grocery store and add just a bit of black. It'll be easier to mix if you microwave it for 15 seconds. Don't worry if you melt it too much, just let it sit for a few minutes and it'll harden up again. You don't need much to make black since it's already a dark brown.But please buy the cheaper store brand. It has more fat than the name brands...
I use DH all exclusivley with no problems at all. Try putting a flower nail in the center. This will help because the nail heats up and helps to cook the cake from the center out. I do this for any cake 12" or larger and it works every time! HTH!
Since Parchment is not as clear as wax paper, I copy the image in black & white, then use a black market with a sharp point and outline the copy. When you put it under the parchment, you can see the outline from the marker. It works like a charm!Regarding freezing the transfer, make sure it's frozen solid before peeling away the paper. The last FBCT I made was on a cake that was supposed to resemble a candy box. It was a larger transfer so I froze the transfer for 2 hours...
I just buy the premade one from my local cake supply store. Since I frost all my cakes with Pastry Pride, I don't really use alot of buttercream, at least not enough to make my own. The premade stuff works great for FBCT!
I just looked at your cake and it looks great! However in your description you say you put the transfer in the refridgerator overnite. No wonder it was still wet, it has to be completly Frozen! Put it in the freezer for a few hours and it should be frozen solid, that way it will peel off easily from the paper.
You should try using parchment paper instead of wax paper. You don't have to spray it because nothing sticks to it. Thats how I do mine! Hope that helps and good luck!
Hola babyprincess el que yo uso es el Pastry Pride. Es un tipo de crema batida que no necesita refrigeracion. Yo lo uso para TODO, incluyendo rellenos. Ve mis fotos y veras. Le puedes agregar cualquier saborizante que gustes. Y lo mejor para mi es que ya viene preparado, solo se deshiela y lo bates! Yo vivo en California y lo compro en Smart & Final. Espero que mi respuesta te ayude en algo!
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