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Have you seen Wiltons new line called Punch Cut Decorate? They are a bunch of giant paper punches and sugar sheets. The sugar sheets can be cut with the punch or cut by hand and they have black sheets available. I bought a bunch of punchers and sugar sheets at Michaels. They may work for this cake. If you go to my pictures, look at the Mickey Mouse cake. The black Mickey silhouettes were hand cut from a black sugar sheet, as were the circles from other color sheets. Once...
I also agree. Especially when the cake is RED VELVET!!! Come on now!
I have also added Pastry Pride to a lemon sleeve filling. It was not lemony enough so I also added a small packet of lemon pudding. Oh my gosh was it good!
For kids cakes, I use gumballs. They come in all colors and are relatively cheap. You can see them in my Hello Kitty Zebra cake.
Babyprincess el que venden en Costco se llama Bettercreme Ready to whip topping o tambien puede ser Rich's Ready to whip topping. No se cal de Los 2 vendan son casi la misma cosa. Suerte!
It looks great!
I've never tried this before but it's on my "just in case" list. Substitute 1 tablespoon of mayo for each egg. If you try this, please let me know how it turs out. It makes sense, sort of. After all, mayo is basically eggs and oil.
You can use your favorite cream cheese frosting. The high amount of sugar stablizes it and makes it non perishable for a few days. There's a thread on that somewhere here on CC.
Does anyone know if or where I can buy them? I REALLY don't want to make them! TIA!
Hmmm, I tried the link and all I got was a black page. Maybe they read on CC what bad website it was and now they are fixing it?
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