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You can also use Pastry Pride non dairy whipped topping in your filling because it's not too sweet. You can flavor it with anything, extracts, coffee creamer, fruit, puddings, etc. I whip some up with roughly chopped strawberries or peaches or whatever fruit and its makes sort of a mousse. Add coconut and crushed pineapple to it and you have a pina colada filling. The possibilities are endless!My most popular filling is banana caramel. That's just a layer of PP flavored...
At Big Lots from 7-24 to 7-30 or until supplies last. For anyone who may be interested!
I buy foam boards from the Dollar store. I cut rounds from them and can get 3 to 4 8"and 10" rounds or 2 to 3 12" and 14"rounds. Anything over 12" I double them and for my tier cakes I stack 4 of them. Then I cover them with matching colored foil. Its cheap and it works. If you look closely at my black, pink & hot pink cake I used 4 foam boards, covered them with black foil and put ribbon on the edge. I paid $4 for the boards and I still was able to cut some 6" and 8"...
I put my tips in a coffee cup withe water and microwave them for 2 minutes. The grease dissolves in the hot water then I rinse them with soapy water.
"Thoight"? Ugh I meant Thought! Thats what happens when you look at your fingers while typing and not the screen. Good Luck!
What if you piped them out of merengue? maybe pipe them on something that was slightly curved and oven safe so they would bake curved? Merengue is so light and airy they would weigh almost nothing. Just a thoight. That cake is gorgeous, by the way!
I use graham crackers and if I need to stick sand on the sides I use clear piping gel. Works great!
Thank you cakesrock. It's not the soccer ball pan, just the regular half ball pan. Thanks again for the instructions!
Anxietyattack, thanks so very much! It is the wilton pan. The last time I tried eyeballing it and lets just say I was unsuccessful!
I thought the ganache seemed a bit thick too. I just started a new post asking if there was a template or pattern for making the sections on the ball even? Sorry, i don't mean to hijack this thread, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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