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I've been thinking of using them for supports. You can easily cut them to size with a PVC cutter and they are strong, sturdy and super inexpensive.m However, I'm Leary to use them since I'm not sure if they are food safe. My hubby says they must be, because they are used in plumbing and water runs thru them and some people do drink tap water. I see them used all the time on those cake challenge shows. Does anyone out there use them?
I've usd coconut flavored pudding mixed into cool whip and added a few drops of coconut extract. Sometimes the coconut pudding is hard to find but I have a friend who gets it for me from a latin grocery store. I hope that helps!
If I see obvious lines, I smooth them out with a soft paintbrush after it has been placed on the cake and thawed a bit. It helps a lot!
I've done quite a few myself lately. I find it more challenging that the rest of you because I frost and decorate only with pastry pride. In case you don't know, whipped cream and fondant are not friends! The fondant becomes sticky, drippy and gooey. That being said, has anyone tried the Wilton Sugar Sheets in black? O.M.G. This makes the stripes sooo easy to make! No rolling fondant or gumpaste! Just buy a sheet for 3.99 and you can cut it with regular scissors. And you...
Whoops I wasn't notified I had any replies! Don't worry carmijok I wasn't offended at all! I'm not a fan either but I love looking at celebrity wedding cakes. In my opinion, I would be ashamed to spend so much money on a wedding knowing how the economy is these days. But to each his own, ya know? With all that money spent, I only hope the marriage lasts more than 6 months! Oh and carmijok, your fallen wedding cake was beautiful, so sorry that happened!
So does anyone know much about her cake other than it's ivory and was "inspired" by Will & Kates cake? Inquiring minds want to know!
You can also use Pastry Pride non dairy whipped topping in your filling because it's not too sweet. You can flavor it with anything, extracts, coffee creamer, fruit, puddings, etc. I whip some up with roughly chopped strawberries or peaches or whatever fruit and its makes sort of a mousse. Add coconut and crushed pineapple to it and you have a pina colada filling. The possibilities are endless!My most popular filling is banana caramel. That's just a layer of PP flavored...
At Big Lots from 7-24 to 7-30 or until supplies last. For anyone who may be interested!
I buy foam boards from the Dollar store. I cut rounds from them and can get 3 to 4 8"and 10" rounds or 2 to 3 12" and 14"rounds. Anything over 12" I double them and for my tier cakes I stack 4 of them. Then I cover them with matching colored foil. Its cheap and it works. If you look closely at my black, pink & hot pink cake I used 4 foam boards, covered them with black foil and put ribbon on the edge. I paid $4 for the boards and I still was able to cut some 6" and 8"...
I put my tips in a coffee cup withe water and microwave them for 2 minutes. The grease dissolves in the hot water then I rinse them with soapy water.
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