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Or you could try using a flower nail in the center. It heats up and helps the center cook at the same time as the edges.
I would definitely use dowels and boards in between each cake. And I would also run 2 sharpened dowels from the top, thru all the boards and layers, all the way down to the bottom cake board or drum or whatever you are using. This would prevent them from shifting. You can never be too careful in the world of cakes!
Mmm...I need a picture. I can't tell just from the description.
I used to do a lot of these. After your cake is baked and cooled, outline every part of the cake that is indented. Then you start to fill in with the starts and the appropriate colors. After you are all done filling in with stars, outline again to define the areas. Also, I always outlined with black frosting. It was sort of line coloring from a coloring book, where all the pictures are outlined in black. Hope that helps!
PVC, CPVC, PEX, and Other Plastic Plumbing MaterialsPlastic plumbing has been used for potable and non-potable water applications since the 1950s. Initially, there were many concerns about these products potentially leaching harmful chemicals into the water. To ensure that the public's health was protected, independent standards were quickly developed which established strict guidelines for these products.Today, plastic plumbing products designed for potable water...
Cathyscakes thats what the DH says.
Yes. Kisamarie, those are the ones I'm talking about. I will google them. But isn't that what is used on TV? Then the winning cake is used for either. A wedding or birthday or whatever the challenge happens to be about.Addietx, they cost. About $2-3 for a looooong piece! Like 8 feet or something so yes, they are much cheaper than Wiltons!
I've been thinking of using them for supports. You can easily cut them to size with a PVC cutter and they are strong, sturdy and super inexpensive.m However, I'm Leary to use them since I'm not sure if they are food safe. My hubby says they must be, because they are used in plumbing and water runs thru them and some people do drink tap water. I see them used all the time on those cake challenge shows. Does anyone out there use them?
I've usd coconut flavored pudding mixed into cool whip and added a few drops of coconut extract. Sometimes the coconut pudding is hard to find but I have a friend who gets it for me from a latin grocery store. I hope that helps!
If I see obvious lines, I smooth them out with a soft paintbrush after it has been placed on the cake and thawed a bit. It helps a lot!
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