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I only use mexican vanilla in everything unless whatever I'm making has to be white white, like frosting or a white cake. The flavor is fabulous, to me its a bit more pronounced. You may want to use a little more than half of what your recipe calls for. I make a mexican flan that gets raves every time, and I use the mexican vanilla in it.
I've made this cake a couple of times. Using the 6" and 8" double layer rounds, you should get 36 servings according to Earlenes cake cutting chart. I have also made it using 8" and 10" double layer rounds which served 60. I would not recommend going any bigger than that as it might look strange. If you need it even larger you could do the 6" and 8" castle and add a 10" at the bottom decorated to look like a field of grass and add some flowers. I hope this helped, good luck!
Any good ideas out there? It has to be 3 tiers and serve approx 80 people. They want it spooky but still "babyish", not bloody or gory. Any help would be appreciated as I have cakers block at the moment, haha!
Oh for sure you can use the cheaper styrofoam ones from the dollar store or craft stores. You know what they say, A penny saved is a penny earned!
If you are worried about having to refrigerate the cake because of the cream cheese filling, I have read here on CC that the powdered sugar in the filling actually stabilizes the cream cheese so it needs no refrigeration. You can probably do a search on that subject to be sure.
I would use cake drums and styrofoam cake dummies and attach them with a low temp glue gun.
I would not use a tin can. I baked three 12 inch cakes tonite and I just used a flower nail in the pan as a heating core. It works great and there ia almost no hole in the center. If you're using a tin can, aren't you left with a big hole in the middle of the cake?
Not trying to ruffle any feathers out there but, Um, has anyone thought of buying dark brown ones and adding a bit of black candy coloring? That's what I do...just sayin! this what you mean?
Oh yes you can! I frost only with Pastry Pride and I've done it plenty of times. FYI Pastry Pride is a non dairy whipped topping but I've done it on real whipped cream too. Check out my photos if you wish. The Super Mario, thanksgiving turkey, Sour patch kids, stork and other cakes have the buttercream transfer on them. And they won't melt or anything. Go for it!!
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