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Jem2131, my Walmart carries maple extract and I use it to make homemade maple syrup. It's about $3 for a good sized bottle. I don't know about using it to make BC though because it's very very dark. It would definitely make the BC brown.
Carmijok, how about pumpkin cake, apple cake, Anything with pecans, yum! The local cupcake shop in my area makes a pancake cupcake and tops it with the maple BC and bacon crumbles on top. I haven't tried it but it won an award at a cupcake tasting contest?
My friend uses this one from bakingbitesdotcom. Its yummy!Maple Buttercream1/2 cup butter, room temperature2 tbsp maple syrup, room temperature2-3 tbsp milk, room temperature2-3 cups confectionersÂ’ sugar edited to provide link to copyright material.)
I can see the picture just fine and now I also want to know what tip was used. I will watch this topic!
Yup, I do the same as sweettreat101. It tastes pretty good and with so many pudding flavors out there, you have a whole bunch of different choices for your customers.
I frost 99% of my cakes with Pastry Pride which is basically the same as Bettercreme or Frostin Pride. I made a naughty cake using PP as the frosting and put a rather large um, male member :0 on top of it. It was made of RKT and covered in fondant. I let it sit in the fridge overnight and when I took the cake out the next day, the area where the fondant touched the PP had clear sticky drops on it. Similar to honey. I was able to clean it up and add a thin border to cover...
Paramount crystals are the best, but you can also try a tablespoon or 2 of vegetable oil. Also, if you are over heating them they will thicken. Good luck!
Their edible diamonds are gorgeous too! I used them on my parents 50th Anniversary cake in my pictures. They look so real!
Your fondant will slide off. It gets gooey and soft from the moisture in the Bettercreme. Believe me, I know
That happened to me once and now I use parchment paper. It never sticks. I freeze them for 1.5 hours usually and everything comes out ok. Of course if I have the time I freeze them over night. But try using parchment next time!
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