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Try putting a flower nail in the center. It heats up because it's metal and it helps cook the cake in the middle.
Thanks, I'm gonna mix some up tomorrow and play with it!
I make a lemon syrup from 1/2 to 1 cup (depending on the size of the cake and how moist you want it) of real lemon juice and powdered sugar. You have to use lots of PS because the lemon juice is so sour. Maybe 2 cups for 1/2 cup of lemon juice. I usually go by taste. If you warm the juice in the microwave the PS will mix in easier. The syrup should be a bit thick, kind of like watery pancake syrup. Pour warm syrup over the cake right out of the oven. It will soak up the...
I have to make some Halloween figures (ghosts, pumpkins, etc.) and I have only ever used gumpaste for making figures. I hate the wrinkly "elephant skin" that it gets because it's drying while I'm still molding. I use Wilton pre made gumpaste. I thought I read somewhere that if you mix it with fondant it won't dry as fast, therefore eliminating the wrinkly texture. But will it dry hard enough that my black cats tails and bat wings won't droop?Do I use a 50/50 ratio? And...
Do you mean Jello gelatin? I wouldn't. If you mean Jello pudding mix, then YES! Not only does it enhance the flavor, it makes your cake moister. Use the instant kind. I do all the time!
Maybe you can use piping gel that's been tinted blue? That's what I would use.
Dang, you guys are awesome! I will look into all suggestions, thanks a bunch!
I would ice them, stack them, then do the texture on each tier.
Hello fellow cakers! Is there a way to make a fish net without using sugar veil? I'd hate to invest in it just for this project.I have to Fedex the decorations only (cake provided by restaurant) for a nautical 50th bday cake for my cousin. I'm making gum paste/fondant items such as a small fishing boat, life savors, an anchor etc. and I'd like to include a fish net also. Since I'm not charging her for the decorations, I really don't want to pay for the sugarveil system.Any...
You could also use regular drinking straws if you don't have any skewers.
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