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I also put them next to a fan on parchment paper.
Sweetdreams, it really doesn't affect the density of the cake. I thought it would too but after trying it once, I got hooked. Unless of course the dome is super tall, then I guess it would be better to cut it off. I got this tip from a poster here on CC (can't remember who!). I think the website is monkeysee . com (mod edited to provide working link to exact video) and search 3 ways to level a...
One thing I always do besides the flower nail is as soon as the cake comes out of the oven, put a clean dish towel or tea towel on top of the dome and with a cardboard circle that is a bit bigger than your pan, push the dome down. You push down until the circle touches the top of the pan. Hold it down for 10-15 seconds. This will level your cakes to the exact height of your pan. You won't have to saw off the dome. But this must be done while the cake is still hot! Not 2,4...
I'd also worry more if it was 2 or more tiers. At least I've never had any problems resulting from someone carrying a 1 tiered cake in their lap.
Wow what a great deal! I got mine last Mothers Day for just under $300I hope you like yours because I don't like mine too much, lol!
Kimmiesue I subscribe to a website called tip nut . Com (no spaces) and I get weekly tips from baking to painting to DYI projects. I went back to the cupcake packaging tip and it was submitted by Anna from cookiemadness . Net (no spaces)I checked out the site and it's pretty informative!Mcurry, Anna says she doesn't frost the cupcake all the way to the edge on purpose so the icing won't smear on the sides of the cup. oz hefty cup in clear cellophane bag. How easy is this!!!
Mine crack too if the balls or pops are too cold. I let them sit out from the fridge 15 minutes before dipping and I also make sure the chocolate isn't too warm. I also thin my chocolate down with Paramount Crystals. I think this makes them smoother.
Pastry Pride is the only thing I use to frost my cakes. I can get it as smooth as buttercream. Pastry Pride, Frosting Pride and Bettercreme are all very similar. I don't know where you are but I buy I buy it at Smart & Final in California. I believe you can buy Bettercream at Costco and Sams. But please know that these do not crust. I smooth mine with a very warm spatula and 25 years of practice!Good luck!
Easier still, buy Wiltons Sugar Sheets. You can easily cut them into ribbons and put them on the cake with no worries. I use them all the time.
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