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Thank you! I'm going to try it
I have used powdered colors on candy melts before with good results. I hope that's what you mean by dust colors and I don't know what sugar flair colors are. Why don't you try them on a portion of the melts? Good luck!
Whoops! I only meant to copy and paste the first paragraph! Darn iPad! Any way, I got the info directly from the Miller Stephenson website.
Omgosh! I wouldn't! Ive never heard of the stuff but I did a quick google on it and it's a chemical that's used for instantly freezing plastic, rubber and other things. One site said if inhaled it could cause heart palpitations!! Read on:For hot-cold intermittence testing of electronic components and protection of components during soldering.  Excellent for cooling epoxy in composite forming and reducing tack in prepreg applications. Also used for freezing biological...
Leah_s I'm sure you're right but I don't get many requests for ganache. My cakes are all Pastry Pride. But my real question was, after whipping it, does it get light and fluffy?
Excuse me, I don't mean to hijack this thread but do you use a regular cookie recipe to make a cookie cake? I have an awesome chocolate chunk cookie recipe that I'd like to try making into a cake. Thanks!
I have only used ganache once, and it was poured because it needed to be shiny. I let the leftover sit out and it set up pretty nicely. Now I'm wondering if i were to whip it, would it be more light and fluffy? I would have tried it with the leftovers but I kept stealing a spoonful here and there til I finished it. Oh well...has any one out there tried whipping it? was similar to this but they were front doors instead of a window.
I did a very simple but cute house warming cake. It was a 10" round. On the top was a replica of the front doors of the new home with the house number above it. The top and bottom borders were grass with a few flowers here and there and a couple of butterflies. I think grass green would look great against the darker ganache. Under the doors I wrote May God Bless Our Home. It was all very simple and cartoonish. It wasn't elegant, but that's what they wanted. Of course, I...
It lasts a veeeery long time in the fridge, I guess because it's all crisco. I've had a batch for about 3 months in the fridge and it's still good. I really only use it for buttercream transfers. I go in a steal a spoonful every couple of weeks just to be sure it's hasn't gone bad. And also because I love the taste!
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