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It lasts a veeeery long time in the fridge, I guess because it's all crisco. I've had a batch for about 3 months in the fridge and it's still good. I really only use it for buttercream transfers. I go in a steal a spoonful every couple of weeks just to be sure it's hasn't gone bad. And also because I love the taste!
I also have never heard of Kmart having a bakery. But good luck!
Carmen500 that's a perfect tool to use! When I first posted a reply to the OP's question, that's what had in mind but you hit it right io the nail head. That's what I would use.
When I use my 3inch tall pans, I get a 3inch tall cake. If you used a 3inch tall pan and got a 1.75inch tall cake, I think you need to add more batter.
I think this might go very well with your cake. It is not too sweet.Cinnamon Mascarpone Frosting1 (8-ounce) tub of mascarpone cheese1 Tablespoon cinnamon2 teaspoons vanilla1 cup powdered sugarpinch of salt2 cups heavy cream
I don't normally refrigerate a ganached cake unless it's very hot.
So it's been raining all day here. I've never had the weather really affect the way my cakes bake but today, everything I've baked did not rise as usual. 2 12inch marble cakes, 24 cupcakes and a loaf of pumpkin bread. Thank goodness everything is baked thru but just not as tall as usual. Blame it on the rain...
What if you cut out a hole big enough for the dowel to pass thru before the melts are completely dry? You can cut it with a small circle cutter if you have one. Maybe even a knife.Or after it hardens maybe you could make the hole by warming something metal with a tubular handle (I'm thinking a cooking spoon perhaps?) or the circle cutter and melting a hole into it?I've never tried this but those are my ideas. I hope I've helped you somewhat or at least inspired you to try...
I also put them next to a fan on parchment paper.
Sweetdreams, it really doesn't affect the density of the cake. I thought it would too but after trying it once, I got hooked. Unless of course the dome is super tall, then I guess it would be better to cut it off. I got this tip from a poster here on CC (can't remember who!). I think the website is monkeysee . com (mod edited to provide working link to exact video) and search 3 ways to level a...
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