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I have made a 4 tier wedding cake with only bubble straws holding it up. And that's a heavy cake! I pretty much go by AZCouture's  example list but I add 1 or 2 more than hers for 9" tiers and over. It may be unnecessary but it's for my peace of mind!
Thanks Maybenot for saving me the trouble to type exactly what I wanted to say! I used to use wood dowels but since discovering the bubble tea straws, I converted. Another plus is that they are so super easy to cut!
I always use a center dowel. And I assemble at home. Even though you will only be driving a short distance, you never know when you may have to brake harder than usual. Why take the chance?
For a quick fix, I put the hard gumpaste in he microwave for 6-8 seconds. It softens it up so at least you can make a ball or a sausage without the wrinkles and separations.
Does anyone have a recipe for them or something similar? They are dense, rich and very chocolaty!
I went on the youtube channel for Global Sugar Art and Mr.Tetreault said"If you are laying it on a cake top or sides, it will hold up to the moisture. It would not hold it's shape in a bow or ribbon, etc. The added moisture would cause it to collapse"So I'm a happy caker! By the way if you haven't seen the Sugar Dress Lace in action, here is the video
Does any one know how well this holds up to moisture? I do mostly non dairy whipped topping cakes and I would love to try this. But whopped topping is very moist, I wonder if this stuff would start to melt?
I toss them in frozen as well. They do not come out soggy.
If you add some tylose powder or gumtex to the fondant it will harden and it wont need any other support. Or use gumpaste and let it dry. That is how I made this bottle. It is actually just a shell of the bottle.
Also, let your gumpaste sit about 10-15 minutes before you use them. The gumpaste will not be sticky and won't stick in the tappit.
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