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I made a sailboat out of gumpaste/fondant mix. It felt hard a dry enough, although not completely, but I went ahead and painted it with vodka and food color mix. Now it feels a little softer and the paint is tacky! I've had it in front of a fan all afternoon but it seems to be the same, not drying, I need it to be ready by Sunday night! Is there a faster way to dry it? Please, any help would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried Toba's glace and I loved the texture. I added some butter flavor and vanilla extract and the taste was very good. It flooded great. If they aren't dry by tomorrow I will try your tip chelleb1974. So far, they seem to be drying pretty quickly. Thanks again!
I have to ship some cookies on Monday and I was wondering if there was a recipe for flooding cookies that dries hard and fast. I normally use the royal icing mix by Linneas but personally I don't like the taste. Any tips to help the dry faster would be appreciated also
Abryuak, I've never heard of a 2 layer cookie cake. Do you make them? What filling do you use? I would imagine even 1 slice of a 2 layer cookie cake would be a lot of cookie!
You can buy beer bottle molds from edited to provide working link.) (remove spaces) for $35 to $50 if you'd rather not risk it! I'm considering it!
You're asking about what filling to use, right? Well you should color white or vanilla cake. The taste shouldn't be affected by coloring it so you can use a filling that goes with white or vanilla. Practically anything goes with white or vanilla cake!
Danni73 I would outline the indentations with white buttercream (or in my case, Pastry Pride) before covering with fondant or stars. I don't work with neither buttercream nor fondant, only Pastry Pride. So I would say piping the stars would be easiest since it's similar to doing them with PP.
Use Isomalt. It stays clear. You can buy it online at Amazon, sugar craft or Global Sugar Art. Some cake supply stores carry it too. It comes in crystal form or sticks. You add some water and melt it like sugar.
My guess is your oven may not be level.
Mi urea=minutes. Darn iPad!
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