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Use Isomalt. It stays clear. You can buy it online at Amazon, sugar craft or Global Sugar Art. Some cake supply stores carry it too. It comes in crystal form or sticks. You add some water and melt it like sugar.
My guess is your oven may not be level.
Mi urea=minutes. Darn iPad!
That happened to me once. I beat it for another 10 mi urea and it stiffened up pretty good. Or, maybe you added too much liquid?
It's beautiful! You dun good,lol!
Are you using a regular fork? I use the Wilton dipping set and although it nearly impossible to get a perfect ball, it's better than a regular fork. I sometimes dip them with a regular pop stick and dry on styrofoam. Don't dip all the way down to the stick though or you won't be able to remove them cleanly. Once dry, remove from stick and dip just the bare part. It will still leave a mark but not so obvious. Depending if you are decorating them sometimes you can hide the...
Thank you! I'm going to try it
I have used powdered colors on candy melts before with good results. I hope that's what you mean by dust colors and I don't know what sugar flair colors are. Why don't you try them on a portion of the melts? Good luck!
Whoops! I only meant to copy and paste the first paragraph! Darn iPad! Any way, I got the info directly from the Miller Stephenson website.
Omgosh! I wouldn't! Ive never heard of the stuff but I did a quick google on it and it's a chemical that's used for instantly freezing plastic, rubber and other things. One site said if inhaled it could cause heart palpitations!! Read on:For hot-cold intermittence testing of electronic components and protection of components during soldering.  Excellent for cooling epoxy in composite forming and reducing tack in prepreg applications. Also used for freezing biological...
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