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I also use the candy balls as a previous posted said. Also for a more whimsical look or a kids cake, I use the gum balls too.
I have just enough leftover ganache to use on a small cake. It's whipped and I need to pour it. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
Did you shake both bottles very well? I shakeshakeshake them, especially the sheen colors. if not that, then maybe it was a bad batch. Thats all I can think off.
Here's the link to the recipe
I use the Red Velvet Redux recipe. It's on this site. It really good too.
I just did 2 of them yesterday for the first time and what I did was instead of swiping the spatula from left to right, I went the opposite way on the very last petal. When you do your very last dot or ball, make it a bit elongated to where it almost meets the first dot. Then take your spatula and swipe it backwards. It really worked well on the second cake since I used the first on to practice on. Iwill up load the picture tonite, but unfortunately I didn't think to...
Thank you Coral3 for your quick reply. I will put the boat in the oven right away. And I will google Rose spirits because I don't know what it is, lol! And I will definitely get some. Thanks again!
I made a sailboat out of gumpaste/fondant mix. It felt hard a dry enough, although not completely, but I went ahead and painted it with vodka and food color mix. Now it feels a little softer and the paint is tacky! I've had it in front of a fan all afternoon but it seems to be the same, not drying, I need it to be ready by Sunday night! Is there a faster way to dry it? Please, any help would be appreciated!
Thanks! I tried Toba's glace and I loved the texture. I added some butter flavor and vanilla extract and the taste was very good. It flooded great. If they aren't dry by tomorrow I will try your tip chelleb1974. So far, they seem to be drying pretty quickly. Thanks again!
I have to ship some cookies on Monday and I was wondering if there was a recipe for flooding cookies that dries hard and fast. I normally use the royal icing mix by Linneas but personally I don't like the taste. Any tips to help the dry faster would be appreciated also
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