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I have a friend who will visit with us this weekend. She wants to take a cake cake home with her for her friends birthday party which will be on the 14th of January. I will be baking and decorating it this weekend so she may take it home with her Sunday night and freeze it when she gets home. My question is, Which fillings freeze well? I'm not too concerned about the cake or frosting (Pastry Pride) being frozen for 1 week but I'm more concerned about the filling. Obviously...
I made a cake for my god daughters quinceñera, and I hope this is what you are looking for:" satellite cakes all around with a styrofoam dummy in the center. This was a very heavy cake but I had no problems with the stacking. I use only PVC pipes (yes the ones used in plumbing. After all, your tap water runs thru them and we cook with and even drink tap water) for stacking. Just cut to size like a regular dowel. They MUST all be cut...
Thanks for the tips, it worked great!
I also use the candy balls as a previous posted said. Also for a more whimsical look or a kids cake, I use the gum balls too.
I have just enough leftover ganache to use on a small cake. It's whipped and I need to pour it. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
Did you shake both bottles very well? I shakeshakeshake them, especially the sheen colors. if not that, then maybe it was a bad batch. Thats all I can think off.
Here's the link to the recipe
I use the Red Velvet Redux recipe. It's on this site. It really good too.
I just did 2 of them yesterday for the first time and what I did was instead of swiping the spatula from left to right, I went the opposite way on the very last petal. When you do your very last dot or ball, make it a bit elongated to where it almost meets the first dot. Then take your spatula and swipe it backwards. It really worked well on the second cake since I used the first on to practice on. Iwill up load the picture tonite, but unfortunately I didn't think to...
Thank you Coral3 for your quick reply. I will put the boat in the oven right away. And I will google Rose spirits because I don't know what it is, lol! And I will definitely get some. Thanks again!
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