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I agree with the last 4 posters. I would definitly use it. All the weight of the cake will bear upon the support system, not the bottom layer. The bottom layer could be made of jello and with a good support sysytem, it would not fall apart.
It looks great! Congrats, I'm sure Isabella and her family will love it!
Hey, not bad! I can't wait to see the finished cake!
Don't forget to post a picture!
Gumpaste alone will harden enough to crack a tooth! Even a 50/50 mix of gumpaste and fondant will harden very well. I'm not too sure about fondant alone, though. I think it's too soft.
You know, I've always wondered this myself. I don't use fondant, I use Pastry Pride but I see the shows on TV where it takes them days to make a cake, yet when they cut into it, it looks soft. I'm curious now...
Dontcha just hate when you post new pictures on this site and sometimes they take FOREVER to show up on the home page?? IF they even show up at all? Sigh....
Yes the PVC I used was hollow. But it was also pretty thick, not like the thinner walls of regular PVC. I guess you could say it was more "heavy duty". If you are going to use the same as mine, I would be afraid to jam the whole pipe into the cake, for fear of displacing it and maybe causing it to crack. If you are going to use the thinner one, then I think your method may work.
I just made a Rupunzel cake a few weeks ago. It's in my pictures if you care to see it. This cake was going to travel about 50 miles so I made the tower out of PVC and gum paste but I didn't attach it to the cake due to the long drive. I hot glued 4 skewers to the bottom inside part of the PVC, leaving them about 3 inches long. Once the cake got to where it was going, the customer inserted the tower into the cake where I had marked. I actually attached it myself so I could...
I have added vegetable oil to chocolate with great success.
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