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If they have to be made out of chocolate, I would use modeling chocolate or candy clay. If they don't have to be made of chocolate, my 1st choice would be gumpaste. Good luck!
Jgifford, no kneading required until after its refrigerated, and only to soften it. When I combined the 2 ingredients, it stirred together beautifully. It ended up like thick cake batter.Kello, if you do try the cake store brand, let me know how it works out. Thanks!*****IMPORTANT******Once the chocolate was cold, it was hard. but after I kneaded it and it came to room temp, it got a bit soft. I would add only 3oz of corn syrup instead of 3 1/2 oz
Ever tried making modeling chocolate and ended up with a goopy, oily or gritty mess? Well I have and I just ended up tossing it out. Today I came across this recipe on and it worked wonderfully. It was smooth and not too oily (just a tiny bit). And you only have to let it rest an hour or until it's hard enough to mold. It's your basic recipe except that you heat the corn syrup. This will be my go to recipe for modeling chocolate from now on!8 oz chocolate (I used...
You tube also has some great video tutorials. It's always good to see it in a different persective. want it to shine or you don't want it to shine?I like the shiney look. Toba Garrets glace dries pretty shiney. Pre packaged royal icing does not.
I have left my batter in the fridge up to a week. I use it right out of the fridge, not even letting it come to room temperature and it works great!
Is there a way for this not to happen? After cutting out my gumpaste decorations, I lay them either on parchment or wax paper to dry. I have tried drying them under a fan and in the oven with the light on. They dry beautifully...from the front. The back always ripples due to the moisture evaporating and making the paper ripple. Tonite I cut out a headboard for a bed cake and the back of it does not make me a happy camper! What can I do so this won't happen?
I agree with the last 4 posters. I would definitly use it. All the weight of the cake will bear upon the support system, not the bottom layer. The bottom layer could be made of jello and with a good support sysytem, it would not fall apart.
It looks great! Congrats, I'm sure Isabella and her family will love it!
Hey, not bad! I can't wait to see the finished cake!
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