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Actually Parrish is the company that produces the Magic line pans. So Parrish and Magic Line are one in he same. I didn't know Sears carried them I will check it out.
Are you using supports under your 9x13?If the sunken part isnt to deep, can you fill with extra frosting, just enough to level it?How about slicing the top of the 9x13 to level it with the sunken part if it's not too deep?
Personally, I don't like the Wilton pans. They seem "cheap". They are very lightweight. They may work for some people but if you want good quality pans, invest in Fat Daddios or even Magic Line. I feel they bake your cake more evenly because they are more heavy weight. Just my opinion.
Sometimes, things can turn 360 degrees around here prety quickly. I use regular cheap vodka. It evaporates pretty quick and leaves no taste. It dries even faster under a fan.
Canon IP 3600 from eBay $80Ink from icing $7525 sheets from icing $28I have used my printer plenty of times in the last month or so. I think it's one of the better investments I've made for my business.
"That center dowel thing - phtbbth."Leah_s, what's that supposed to mean? Anyway it made me laugh !Actually, I swear by the center dowel all thru the cake. It has never failed me and gives me piece of mind when I deliver. I deliver all my cakes assembled and never (knock on wood) had a problem.
You know, now I'm not sure if it's safe for food use. Since they sell it at all 4 cake supply stores near me, I think it would be. They all sell the same brand, Guardsman.I never questioned it. It says on the wrapper "pure aluminum foil". I've been using it for 15+ years.
I buy rolls of colored foil from my cake supply store. it comes in lots of colors and is relativly inexpensive. A roll of 50ft long by 20in wide costs under $10.00I currently have about 10 different colors right now.
You will have to re bake them. I always use cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate and I've never had a problem with caving.
Or you could try cutting the letters out of a yellow Wilton sugar sheet. If you have a cricut, then that's even better. If this not a feasible idea, I'd go with piping with Royal Iving.
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