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If you dont have an edible image printer then I'd suggest you print out on regular paper then take that to your local grocery store that does edible image cakes and ask then to print it out for you on edible paper. Where I live, Albertsons or Winco will print sheets for you for $8-$10 each. I'd suggest you fit as many film strips as you can on 1 page before you take it to them.
I think the best and fastest way to reach someone on CC is send them a personal message. Just go to their profile and click PM. Carmijok may not see your post as it was send to the general public. I hope this helps you contact her!
Thanks Burnsy. Nice job!
Burnsy, I wanted to check out your pic ture but it says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist"
I've seen lots of tutorials and templates for baby booties and converse sneakers, but does anyone know how to make baby Jordan sneakers? I've also checked the sticky for "Hundreds of tutorials in here" but nothing for Jordans. Can anyone help me?
The easiest way for me would be to use an edible image printer and print out the filmstrip in the actual size you will need. then roll out a strip of gumpaste and glue the filmstrip on to it. shape it however you want then let it dry and set on the cake.
I have stiffened cool whip with vanilla instant pudding. It will change the flavor though. IMO it tastes better with the pudding.
Actually Parrish is the company that produces the Magic line pans. So Parrish and Magic Line are one in he same. I didn't know Sears carried them I will check it out.
Are you using supports under your 9x13?If the sunken part isnt to deep, can you fill with extra frosting, just enough to level it?How about slicing the top of the 9x13 to level it with the sunken part if it's not too deep?
Personally, I don't like the Wilton pans. They seem "cheap". They are very lightweight. They may work for some people but if you want good quality pans, invest in Fat Daddios or even Magic Line. I feel they bake your cake more evenly because they are more heavy weight. Just my opinion.
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