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If you have an air brush machine you can spray it with a coat of pearl shimmer. I don't use buttercream, only non dairy whipped topping (Pastry Pride) and it looks lovely. Also, I think I've seen areosol cans of shimmer on line at many cake supply websites if you don't have an air brush machine.If you want it shiny, I've also seen online cans of spray edible laquer.I hope that helps!
I dip them in chocolate also before inserting into cakes
My trick is to bend the wire into an "L" down towards the end, about 1 inch from the end. This stops it from swaying around. Then dip it in chocolate and let dry. And poke it into the cake, then give it a 1/4 turn. It works every time!
Meh, grocery store cakes at best, with basic decorationing. No skills required to produce these cakes. And the icing is bulging on the green cake where it shows it sliced.
Hahaha Ekaba totally (and unwittingly) hijacked this thread! The original post wasn't even about cupcakes.
YES!! I learned this the hard way. I accidentally bought low fat cream cheese and it was very runny. It was yucky, I tossed it.
If you look at my pictures, the eyes on Oddie the Donut cake (pg 1) and the Betty Boop Cake and Monster high cakes (pg3) all have this technique used on them on the toppers. Good Luck!
After the cupcake is baked you can use an apple corer, a cupcake corer of just a small spoon to remove a piece of the center of the cupcake, then just fill it with whatever you like.
The sheets are surprisingly sturdy. They should give you the printed sheet inside of a ziplock bag, if not, then you put it in one so it won't dry out and become brittle. I have kept them in ziplocks for a few weeks with no problem.I usually cut them with scissors or an exacto knife if it has small details where scissors wont fit.I would first roll out my fondant or gumpaste to the thickness I need. Then cut out the image and brush a bit of piping gel or corn syrup so it...
Pasrty Pride non dairy whipped topping, whipped to medium stiffnesschopped up oreos (the more the better)1-2 tsp vanillapowdered sugar to taste (optional)This will taste like oreos because the PP has a very light flavor by itself.Add Oreo instant pudding to stiffen it if needed, but have never had to add this.
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