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You can print them if you have an edible image printer. had lots of damask patterns you can choose and print on edible sheets. That's what I do. But you must have (or know someone who has) an edible image printer. I see what you mean by the cake not being level on top.
I also have the IP3600 and love it! But I bought mine on eBay for $69 it came with regular non-edible inks which I turned around and sold on eBay for $25I also use the edible inks and icing sheets from icing images. They are the best!
Well to determine the size of pans, you will need to know how many servings you will need.
You probably won't get what you paid for anywhere you choose to sell them. Especially if they are outdated. Early 70's? Very out dated. I had about 20 pans that I sold for $3-$4 each. Yeah, top dollar huh? I had Holly Hobby, Precious Moments, etc. When's the last time someone asked for a Holly Hobby cake? LOL. Good Luck.
I make alot of cakes with fresh strawberry filling. I fill with a layer of stabilized whipped cream (Bettercream, Rich's or Pastry Pride), then sliced strawberries, then cover with another thin layer of whipped cream. This seems to "hold" everything in place. I do this on Friday night and I have decorated and refridgerated all night with no problems.If you fill too early, the strawberries tend to get juicy and can leak. I find this this to happen more when I add sugar to...
If you couldn't get the fondant to stick to the ball, I would brush some water or piping gel in the inside to make it stick.
If the consistency is fine and it is sticky, I rub a little bit of shortening on it and knead it in. If the cosistency seems soft, then add more powdered sugar. I would not put it in the freezer. This will cause condesation on it and will remain sticky.
I was wondering if I could emboss on modeling chocolate with either an embossed rolling pin or one of those embossing mats. Has anyone done this? Does the chocolate keep its shape or does the design "soften" due to warm weather?I was thinking about trying this on cupcakes. Thanks for any help.
It's a1/4 sheet. I lined up cupcake liners (while waiting for my cake to bake) and the space inside measured approximately 13"x9"Refund is due!
That looks like a 1/4 sheet cake. That and 20 cupcakes for $250.00???? Wow she sure did get ripped off! I'm sorry for your friend but what she got will not serve 100. She should definitely ask for some money back.
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