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I make alot of cakes with fresh strawberry filling. I fill with a layer of stabilized whipped cream (Bettercream, Rich's or Pastry Pride), then sliced strawberries, then cover with another thin layer of whipped cream. This seems to "hold" everything in place. I do this on Friday night and I have decorated and refridgerated all night with no problems.If you fill too early, the strawberries tend to get juicy and can leak. I find this this to happen more when I add sugar to...
If you couldn't get the fondant to stick to the ball, I would brush some water or piping gel in the inside to make it stick.
If the consistency is fine and it is sticky, I rub a little bit of shortening on it and knead it in. If the cosistency seems soft, then add more powdered sugar. I would not put it in the freezer. This will cause condesation on it and will remain sticky.
I was wondering if I could emboss on modeling chocolate with either an embossed rolling pin or one of those embossing mats. Has anyone done this? Does the chocolate keep its shape or does the design "soften" due to warm weather?I was thinking about trying this on cupcakes. Thanks for any help.
It's a1/4 sheet. I lined up cupcake liners (while waiting for my cake to bake) and the space inside measured approximately 13"x9"Refund is due!
That looks like a 1/4 sheet cake. That and 20 cupcakes for $250.00???? Wow she sure did get ripped off! I'm sorry for your friend but what she got will not serve 100. She should definitely ask for some money back.
Whipped cream and fondant are enemies! I vote for ganache.
I use Pastry Pride which is about the same as Bettercream. I use that 100%, no one around here ever asks for fondant or even buttercream! If you look thru my gallery, you can see what can be done with a non dairy stabilized whipped cream topping.
I found this video on you tube. The only thing I would change is to make a "wall" out of cardboard to hold the dry ice in. I would think that with transportaion movement, the ice would be bouncing around. just go on you tube and search for "How to make a cake delivery box" by CaljavaInt
Hmmm...I have only worked with ganache a couple of times but I'm pretty sure only poured ganache stays glossy even when set. I don't think it would be glossy once it sets in the container and you pipe with it. And I know for sure if you whip it, it loses the gloss.I have seen and heard (but never used) of an edible lacquer pray or shellac that is used for cake decorating. I know that carries it. It might work.Good luck!
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