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It is exactly what 1nolyqueen says, except that I would use Gumpaste instead of fondant. It dries harder and keeps it's shape. I do this all the time.  
Your cakes are awesome djdanieldj, but this thread is about posting your WORST cakes. If those are your worst, then I bow down to you.
Thanks everyone, I will check Etsy!
ApplegumPam I wish I were that talented. Unfortunately, I'm not :(
  Please help!
Aww so sorry this happened o you. There is a thread going on right now about posting your worst cake. You should go on it and see other disaster cakes. Post yours if you have a picture. It might make you feel better. ((((hugs))))
I have made a 4 tier wedding cake with only bubble straws holding it up. And that's a heavy cake! I pretty much go by AZCouture's  example list but I add 1 or 2 more than hers for 9" tiers and over. It may be unnecessary but it's for my peace of mind!
Thanks Maybenot for saving me the trouble to type exactly what I wanted to say! I used to use wood dowels but since discovering the bubble tea straws, I converted. Another plus is that they are so super easy to cut!
I always use a center dowel. And I assemble at home. Even though you will only be driving a short distance, you never know when you may have to brake harder than usual. Why take the chance?
For a quick fix, I put the hard gumpaste in he microwave for 6-8 seconds. It softens it up so at least you can make a ball or a sausage without the wrinkles and separations.
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