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Thanks Debbie, that's a great tip. I will be using shortening from now on!
They will last a looooong time! Keep them out of heat and direct sunlight.
I have never heard of such a thing! How are you storing them?
Here is how I do it. I print the character on edible paper using my edible image printer to the size I want. Then I trim it. Next I roll gumpaste kind of thin, I don't like them to look to bulky. Probably about 1/8" thin. Next I lightly brush the area on the gumpaste where the cut out will lay with water. Using my clean finger I rub the wet area in small circles making sure the area is sticky. DO NOT SOAK WITH WATER! This may dissolve the image or smear the ink!...
Here is another    
It is exactly what 1nolyqueen says, except that I would use Gumpaste instead of fondant. It dries harder and keeps it's shape. I do this all the time.  
Your cakes are awesome djdanieldj, but this thread is about posting your WORST cakes. If those are your worst, then I bow down to you.
Thanks everyone, I will check Etsy!
ApplegumPam I wish I were that talented. Unfortunately, I'm not :(
  Please help!
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