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lovetobake910, have you ever tried the Wilton sugar sheets? I love them for making stripes, whether they be zebra or any kind of stripes. They come in all colors. I love the black sheets for making zebra stripes. Take a look at my gallery pics and you will see several zebra striped cakes where I have used them. All you have to do is cut them out with scissors or an exacto knife a place them on your cake. No need to roll fondant. They are super easy to use!
I googled How to make gelatin sheets and I got nothing. It is also called Leaf Gelatin. Do you have a local cake supply near you? I'm sure they would have them.
My cake supply store carries clear gelatin sheets. They are very thin and would look like glass.
Gumpaste dries really hard. Or you could wrap a wooden dowel in the correct diameter with fondant or gumpaste.
Since it pretty small, for a 6 inch topper, I would make it out of gumpaste.
Here in California there are a chain of candy stores called Sweet Factory. They are usually in the malls. I bought lego candies there for a lego cake that I made. So much easier that making them!
You can print them if you have an edible image printer. had lots of damask patterns you can choose and print on edible sheets. That's what I do. But you must have (or know someone who has) an edible image printer. I see what you mean by the cake not being level on top.
I also have the IP3600 and love it! But I bought mine on eBay for $69 it came with regular non-edible inks which I turned around and sold on eBay for $25I also use the edible inks and icing sheets from icing images. They are the best!
Well to determine the size of pans, you will need to know how many servings you will need.
You probably won't get what you paid for anywhere you choose to sell them. Especially if they are outdated. Early 70's? Very out dated. I had about 20 pans that I sold for $3-$4 each. Yeah, top dollar huh? I had Holly Hobby, Precious Moments, etc. When's the last time someone asked for a Holly Hobby cake? LOL. Good Luck.
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