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An easier way  would be to print the letters on an edible image sheet, cut them out and then put them on gumpaste and cut out. Blue gumpaste would work better. They would not look as realistic but since your letters are smaller, it wouldn't be so noticeable.             
They look too perfect for tracing. I'm guessing they had a stamp made and stamped them with edible ink.   I doubt they are printed on edible paper because I did that with these cookies and although you really can't see it in the picture the outline of the paper was visible. Barely, but visible.
I put a smear of melted chocolate or candy melts between the board and the cake. Once dry, your cake ain't goin no where!
Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but have you thought of printing the image out on edible paper and the mounting it on a gumpaste plaque?
Tonic water is always available in the Alcohol section at your super market. Sometimes its right next to the ginger ale. It contains no alcohol but it is commonly used as a mixer for drinks, usually a Gin and Tonic. I don't have exact measurements for I used but it was just enough to make the piping gel a bit runny.  Here are some links. There is a frosting recipe in the 2nd...
  I did this cake with colored piping gel with a little bit of Wilton white coloring to make it opaque. But here's the kicker...I added a bit of Tonic water to thin out the gel. Under a black light, the colors glowed in the dark! It was for a 13 year old who was celebrating her birthday at the bowling alley where they have Cosmic bowling. All the lights go out and only black lights are used. The cake was the talk of the bowling alley!   You might be able to find the dancing silhouettes here
GrumpysLolita, They are both pretty much the same thing. And yes, you can use edible images on them. They will melt right into the cake but the image will not run or smear. I frost exclusively with Pastry Pride and I do almost anything with it. Please feel free to look at my albums and you will see. It can be used for most everything
Call the KA manufacturer and ask them where the closest repair center is to you. Take it there, have it fixed and pick it up when it's ready. Faster and less expensive than shipping it out. That's what I did and I had mine back in less than a week. It was out of warranty and I had to pay $60 for the repairs but it was still better than shipping it out.
If it's not a very thick stencil then I'd say they were cut out of fondant with cutters.
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