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And super easy to install too.
The print quality is great. I'm very happy with mine and it's very easy to use.
I use the MG5520 and I have had no issues with it at all. My printers last me less than 2 years so when the MG5520 went on sale at Staples for $69 I bought 2.  I use the MG7120 for regular printing, and the ink cartridges (nonedible) that come with the MG5520 fit the MG7120 so that is an added bonus!
Shredded toasted coconut
Have you ever tried covering a cake with modeling chocolate? I find it is easier and more tasty than fondant.
So how did the cake come out?
I have this same question, except I'm doing it in gold and on stabilized whipped cream not buttercream. I wonder if you mixed piping gel with 24kt luster dust (or silver dust in the case of the OP), would this work? This is the cake I've been asked to do  
An easier way  would be to print the letters on an edible image sheet, cut them out and then put them on gumpaste and cut out. Blue gumpaste would work better. They would not look as realistic but since your letters are smaller, it wouldn't be so noticeable.             
They look too perfect for tracing. I'm guessing they had a stamp made and stamped them with edible ink.   I doubt they are printed on edible paper because I did that with these cookies and although you really can't see it in the picture the outline of the paper was visible. Barely, but visible.
I put a smear of melted chocolate or candy melts between the board and the cake. Once dry, your cake ain't goin no where!
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