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I can't believe that is NOT disco dust. Please post pics of them. I'm very interested to see them. Also how much was the sample pack and how many were in there?
If you add some tylose powder to fondant it will harden up pretty nicely. I roll it out about 1/4" thick and cut the square part and also a long strip about 3 inches tall. I wrap the strip around a soup can or a can of crisco, depending on how big you want the hat. Let both dry for a few days. Once dry you can glue the 2 pieces together with a bit of melted chocolate. Add the tassel and you will have an edible hat. Personally I don't like the taste of fondant so i...
Is this a new recipe or have you used it before?
RUBBING ALCOHOL????   Good Lord, NO! Never use rubbing alcohol to dilute your colors. As Carrie789 said, use vodka. The alcohol will evaporate so no taste will be added to it.
That is very cute! Will google right now, thanks!
Thanks all! I think that by combining all the ideas given, I could make a great cake! Even making a simple rake and clippers, it's no big deal as they are simple to make and don't require too much time and materials. Thanks again!
I need ideas for a cake for a gardener. Not the type you actually gardens (flowers, veggies) but for a man who cuts lawns for a living. It is a small 9" round and a very limited budget so no gumpaste lawnmowervor anything like that. Please help!
I have a steamer (haven't used it yet)  but Since I used a paint brush to paint on the airbrush color, I was afraid it would make it drip!
Well since no one replied to my post, I accidentally figured it out. I made the bottle from dark green gumpaste by laying it over a real bottle, trimming it and letting dry. Once dry I painted it with dark brown airbrush paint and it just dried shiny! Here is the finished product if you want to take a look
Never mind. I figured it out.
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