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I have a steamer (haven't used it yet)  but Since I used a paint brush to paint on the airbrush color, I was afraid it would make it drip!
Well since no one replied to my post, I accidentally figured it out. I made the bottle from dark green gumpaste by laying it over a real bottle, trimming it and letting dry. Once dry I painted it with dark brown airbrush paint and it just dried shiny! Here is the finished product if you want to take a look
Never mind. I figured it out.
I need to make the ole "wine bottle in a crate" cake. How do I make the bottle look shiny like glass? It will be a red wine if that matters. Also, what color do I tint the fondant? I know the real wine bottle is green but filled with red wine, the bottle looks very dark. What color is that?? Thanks for the help!
Yes, alot! I would color the icing a darkish gray then add the edible glitter. This would help you to use less. Just remember, no disco dust!!
Good eye Annabakescakes!
Corrie has some mad talent with an exacto knife!
You are so right As you wish, I also deliver free in my town. But this is further than I have ever gone and I also did not want to overcharge.   Elcee I do feel more comfortable charging $88   Thanks cake friends for your help!
I am delivering a fully assembled 4 tier wedding cake about 44 miles from my home based business. I have never had to travel this far (although it really isn't far at all). DH says $1 per mile=$44. I say I'd feel more comfortable charging $75. What would you charge?
This does help bct806, thank you. I was actually looking to make one out of gumpaste (I guess I should have mentioned that huh?). I will be placing it at the base of a volcano cake like this one:
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